Winter Vacation

We had such a fun and BUSY winter break! We started the break going down to Arizona and visiting family. It is so nice that we are both Arizona kids. Christmas was so special! This was the first Christmas that we had spent together and it couldn’t have been better. And I admit it, Kyle is such a better gift giver than I am! He set the bar pretty high! We celebrated Christmas together before we went down to Arizona. Before we went to Arizona we made a list of all the food places that we had missed. Yes, yes we did plan our trip around the food…and family of course. hehe. We ate so good. We went to comedy clubs, family parties, hot tubed, ate some more unhealthy but oh-so-delicious food, and snuggled. We like to snuggle.


The day after Christmas, we packed up the trailer and headed to the Sand Dunes in California. This was Kyle’s first time to the Dunes. I am a dunes junky, heck all of us Southworths are! We road quads, a jeep, ate junk food, and hot tubed. I guess hot tubing was kind of a theme. It was so much fun!


A few days later we flew home to Utah, but the adventure did not stop there. Next stop was Park City. Kyle’s uncle owns a house there and a bunch of his cousins were all hanging out. We happily crashed the party! They had picked up some amazing fireworks and our show that night was incredible. The most hilarious part was when all of his boy cousins decided to have their own dance party. LOL. We played tons of games, ate tons of food, went sledding, hiked around the house and hot tubed. Classic. On New Years we went over to his grandparent’s house for dinner with most of his aunts and uncles. They are such an amazing family.


We were not prepared for the break to be over, but with all things, life keeps moving forward whether we are prepared or not!



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