Our Love Story

In honor of Love day, I thought it would be appropriate to share my most favorite love story of all time. This is how pb+j came to be.

One fall day back in 2015, Kyle and I found ourselves at the right place at the right time. One of our friends was opening her LDS mission call. I can remember that night so vividly. Kyle was one of the only people that came over and sat by me. He sat right next to me and didn’t say a word. We look back and laugh at that now! He says he first saw me at church when we had a cereal munch and mingle activity. Anyways, that next week I get a missed call from an unknown number. Usually I don’t answer unknown numbers but luckily this one left a voicemail. I listened to it and it was Kyle asking me on a date! I really did want to go on a date with him so I called him back! Unfortunately the day he wanted to do something I was going to be at a family event. He didn’t get the memo to reschedule! haha classic! We didn’t cross paths again until April the next year.

In December I had started dating someone else. Things moved really fast and after a month we were talking marriage. Things ended just as quickly as they had started. I was heartbroken. I was so done with dating. I hated it. I was afraid that I would be hurt again. How was I ever suppose to know if the guy I was dating was serious? On the other hand, I just wanted to be married so badly. So I started flirting and going on dates with guys I already knew liked me. By March I knew I was in a serious rut. I needed a change. So I decided to do something I swore I would NEVER do…I moved to Provo, Utah.

I had a lot of friends and mission companions there, plus my sister lived there! It was an easy adjustment. A few weeks after I moved in I started dating another guy. This relationship, like the last, was short lived. It got really serious really fast and the flame died out quickly. But I am so thankful for that relationship because the guy I was dating just happened to be good friends with Kyle. While that guy and I were dating, Kyle and I had the chance to become quite good friends. After the break-up, Kyle and I remained best friends! To my dismay, I became his wing woman. He would bring me along with these other girls and then after ask my opinion. At first it was fun, until I realized how I felt for him. Soon I just wanted those girls to be me. We spent more and more time together. We would laugh and talk for hours about anything and everything. We would star gaze and adventure. One day we decided that we were going to get Costco Memberships. That night, while we were at Costco, I got a call from my friend Lindsey. She was asking if I wanted to go to dinner with her and another friend. I told Kyle I needed to be back early to go to the dinner then he said something that changed everything…”would you mind if I came? It could be like a date!” …in my mind,”WHAT WHAT!! Did he just say DATE!? ahhhhh die die die!” …what actually happened, “Yeah that would be fun!” Cool Tay. Very cool.

After that things got very messy. There was so much drama, as you can imagine with me dating one of his friends not too long ago. Kyle and I tried to stay away from each other to ease the tension. I didn’t text him for a whole week. But somehow we always ended up seeing each other. We just couldn’t stay away. He was my best friend. So one night in Park City while we were visiting his cousins, we made it official. It was a really hard decision but was 100% worth it. This relationship was so different than the rest. We were still best friends, talking about everything, testing each other, serving each other, learning and growing together. We still did everything together. Things just flowed so naturally. I always joked that I would know the guy I was going to marry if we could make it past three months. I had never dated anyone longer than three months! haha! Well 6 months later we got engaged and April we will be married! And we couldn’t be more excited!



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