yes yes yes!

img_5758I was listening to the radio on my way to the temple this morning and the morning show was totally cracking me up! They were talking about the worst proposal stories. Women were calling in, who have been married 20+ years, who still hate the way they were proposed too. Guess it couldn’t have been that bad if they are still together! My favorite was the story of a guy who proposed while they were babysitting six 3 year olds! haha while they are sitting on the couch he asked if she wanted to get married. No getting down on one knee. No fancy words. NO RING! ROFL.

It made me reflect on my own engagement. Ours is in now way that bad, but it is pretty comical. I should preface the story by saying Kyle and I ARE the WORST secret keepers in the history of ever. It’s pretty bad. So Tuesday Jan. 17th comes around. I had a feeling all day that today was going to be the day. I had been expecting it would be soon because we had been ring shopping and it was only going to take three days to make the ring.  PLUS he was dropping hints ALL DAY! He would say, “Isn’t today just the perfect day?” or “I have to go back to my apartment to pick up something.” He even went as far as to tell me we were going to have a special date at the place where we had our first date. I seriously felt like I was looking at a big neon sign that said, “I AM PROPOSING TONIGHT!”

So that afternoon he went to class and I got ready so nice! I kid you not, I spent hours curling my hair and doing my makeup! I was so excited! He got out of class at 5 and he said he was going to be coming over soon! So I waited and waited and waited for an hour. At this point I am really getting ticked. and hangry. He finally calls and tells me he got hung up waiting for the mailman. Usually he comes in the afternoon but today he came at 6:30. But he assured me he had the ring. Surprised ruined. Needless to say…we did not get engaged that night.

So then everything we did made me so anxious because I knew he had the ring. Then Friday rolls around. My best friend was coming into town and I asked him if we had any plans because they wanted to get together that afternoon and have dinner together. He said oh no, we don’t have any plans. I said okay. So that morning I was kind of being lazy. I was chatting with my mom and laying in bed. I finally took a shower around 10:30 and I get a text from him that says, “Guess what!” I answered, “What??” and started blow drying my hair. he said, “Well stop blow drying your hair and I’ll tell you!” WHAT! I ran out of my room and he was standing in the living room with donuts. He was supposed to be at work until 2pm that day. It was then that I knew that today was going to be the day. I ran to my room and tried to hurry and get ready. Despite my efforts, I looked like a hobo.

Then he took me to some of our special places. The place where we would talk all the time. The place where we went on our first date. We had made it to four stops and by this time it had been almost three hours! I was dying. When was he going to do it!? He said we just have two more stops to take! He did not tell me that one of those stops was PARK CITY. Which was an hour drive-one way. Park City is where we had our first kiss, so I thought maybe he will propose there.

So we made it to Park City. We got out of the car, took a picture in front of our first kiss spot and got back in the car to drive the hour home. WHYYY!?? I was so annoyed. I even told him in the car, “Why didn’t you propose back there!?” Then I proceeded to fall asleep for the rest of the ride home. We finally made it to the last stop, 4 hours later. It was the back side of the Provo LDS Temple. We got out and walk for a minute and then he got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I don’t really remember all he said other than “Will you marry me?” I said YES YES YES! The question I had been waiting for all day!img_5755img_5767

Our proposal might not have been ideal but our relationship definitely is. I thank God everyday that he blessed me with such a selfless, hard working, loving, hilarious, adventurous, good looking guy. My life is infinitely better with him in it.



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