Sunday feels

christ-and-the-lambSunday. A day of rest. A day to renew.

I take Sundays very seriously.

Especially as our weeks get busier and busier. My body and spirit crave that rejuvenation. That break from the craziness.  I’ll be honest, sometimes Sundays are a total let down. I end up being busier than a normal weekday, I don’t really get anything out of church, and I am falling asleep half the day. But today was nothing like that.

Church today was WOW.

There was a comment made in class that really made my ears perk up. She was talking about Zion…I AM OBSESSED WITH ZION.

*The obsession started about 3 years ago when I embarked on one of the most life-changing events that still impacts my life on a daily basis, my LDS mission. I served in Boston, Mass. with a mission president thats vision of Zion was 20/20. He taught us about having our hearts knit together with so much love and commitment that it was hard not have the same love and passion for it.*

Anyyyways! Back to church. She talked about how going through hard times and struggles helps us make it to our own little Zions here on Earth. One example she used was that of dating. Pretty classic for a singles ward. All the heartbreak that comes with dating, uncertainty and frustration, is followed by finding the one and getting married. Marriage in essence is (or can be) Zion. A place of refuge. A place where two people’s hearts are knit together in love and commitment and they are working towards one purpose.

Being with Kyle has been like finding Zion for me.

We also talked about Faith. The teacher (I wish I knew his name because he is my FAVORITE teacher!) asked what our definition of faith was. This one guy, Diego, raised his hand and said,

“I think faith is relying on your relationship with God. Because you have that relationship with God, you can trust him. Trust that he knows what’s best for you. Trust that He would never ask you to do something that you couldn’t handle. Trust that He loves you and wants you back home.”

I love that definition of faith. I also would add that Faith is SHOWING trust in God.  Faith is being elevated when we act in line with God’s will.

I left church feeling so full. Full of joy. Full of love. Full of the Spirit. I love that feeling.



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