Lipsense Review

Is it just me or does everyone and their dog sell lipsense!? I hear about it EVERYWHERE! So naturally I had to give it a try. Here was my experience.

This is the color I used:



You have to prepare your lips before you put it on. I scrubbed mine a little before applying. Then they say you need to shake the bottle and apply very carefully. You do long strokes on both the top and bottom lips. Let dry 30 seconds between each coat. Be sure not to let your lips touch! I think three coats is pretty standard.

So if that is not complicated enough lets talk about how it feels. I am not kidding it is like straight alcohol. The first time I put it on it started to burn my lips. On top of that you have to keep your mouth open while the coat dries and all the fumes get in your mouth. bleck. But I continued.

Immediately after three dried coats here is what it looked like:


I was really happy with the immediate color. It was bright and fun. I could kiss Ky with no smearing! BIG PLUS!

Then disaster stuck! After the three hour church block I went to the mirror to see how it was holding up and this is what I saw:

fullsizerender-2this was after four hours! Isn’t this suppose to last all day? I was left with this weird lip liner looking thing.

Excuse me while I hide under my bed.

The color on the edge was still good but the inside color was almost completely gone. Granted I was licking my lips a lot because the alcohol was drying up my lips so bad. They were drying than the Sahara Desert!!

I left it on though, because I wanted to give a complete and thorough review. At the end of the night here is what I had left:

fullsizerender-1practically nothing. And as you can see my lips are super dry! The skin on my lips was peeling by the end of the day. End result…save your money.

I was super bummed because I really wanted it to be good. Everyone was saying it was the best and I needed lip color that was going to last all day for the wedding.

Comment below and tell me what your favorite lip stain is! I am desperate!!



2 thoughts on “Lipsense Review

  1. I’m no lipsense expert, in fact I used it once and didn’t have a great experience. But did you apply the gloss? I’ve heard people say that the gloss is everything. It keeps your lips hydrated and you have to apply it constantly throughout the day. They have several different kinds, and even a matte one (I think) if you don’t want the “glossy lip” look. Hope this helps! That color looks awesome on you! 😘


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