t-shirts and jeans

Today was a glorious day! The sun was shining (which always seems glorious after months of gloom!) and the wind was BLOWING! Holy cow, I seriously thought our house was going to blow over. But we survived.

Here are some tips of how we like to dress up the classic t-shirt and jeans!

For the men:

Buttons and color play a huge role in dressing something up or down. I love this button up shirt because it is still comfortable and fun but definitely more stylish than the normal grungy ole t-shirt.
Colored , fitted jeans also change the entire look. So classy. Boy do I love a man that can dress nice #hearteyes

For the Women:

I am such a weirdo, I love to tuck my shirts into my pant #grandma. But I feel like it makes it look like you atleast tried to get ready, even if you didn’t.
My face creeps me out but bare with me! Adding a cover adds more dimension. I love layers. This is more of a “coming out of winter look” or “I’m freaking done with winter” but you could add layers like this with a short sleeve jacket or vest.
I LOVE HATS! Not only do they cover my day 2 curly hair but they are just so fun! Hats and heels add so much to a simple outfit.

We would LOVE to hear how you guys dress up your t-shirt and jeans! Comment Below!



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