Top 10 Favorite Dates

img_5883Kyle and I were reflecting last night on our favorite dates that we have been on together. This list is specific to us but hopefully it’ll also give you fun ideas. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the same-ole-date-rut.


One of our favorite things to do, when it was warm, was going out and star gazing. Sometimes we would just go to the park and lay on the grass and chat for hours. Other times we would grab the hammock and some snacks and set it up in our backyard. Either way its a fun, relaxing date night. We are also a little sentimental star-gazers too, because that’s what we were doing when we had our first kiss. Let me tell you, the best stars are in Park City, Utah. But I might be biased.



Our first date was to a Piano Guys concert. It was a pretty chill concert where we just brought snacks, sat on the grass & listened to good music. It was so fun. Big concerts are super fun too! We went to Coldplay a few months later and that was a blast. Local bands or big time celebrities, it’s fun to go out and listen to music with the one you love.


This one was seriously one of my favorites! I went out with my grandma to Asian City-it’s an Asian market-and while we were there I picked up a bunch of Asian snacks, candies, and food. Some of which included squid, kimchi, ginseng hard candies & mochi. I brought them all home and Ky and I had so much fun trying all the different foods! We wanna do this one again but go to the Asian Market together! By the way, kimchi is AMAZING! I have been hooked ever since!

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We love to go out and explore new places. Sometimes it involves drives up the canyon, others its down by the lake. Each time we will bring the camera and tripod and take pictures and videos! It is so much fun. Sometimes we will bring Costco muffins in the car with us while we drive around. Kyle’s favorite is poppy seed, mine is Blueberry!


We are hot tubing-attics. I admit it. We live in Provo and there are a lot of apartment buildings with hot tubs here. So we like to go around to the different apartments and go hot tubing. Sometimes it is great and other times the hot tub is cold and under maintenance! It makes for a good story though! It’s nice because it gives us a lot of time to just chat and laugh and relax. After hot tubing we like to get ice cream or maybe watch a movie. This is one of those really chill date nights.

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This one we have been doing more and more because the wedding is coming up and we need ties and jewelry. But it is a lot of fun. I will pick out cloths for Kyle to try on and he does the same for me! We never end up getting anything but its fun to take pictures in the cloths and goof around. In the mall here there is a furniture store. We love going in there and “trying out” the recliners! haha we try out allllll the recliners. Sometimes we try food court food as apart of the date, sometimes we go home and make dinner.



This one we did a lot more in the spring & summer. Not so much recently because we live in an icebox. But I’m not bitter ;). One time we were really crazy and Hiked Mount Timp starting at 1 am. We hiked all night and didn’t get to the top till the morning. That was my favorite hike we have done. The view was AMAZING and watching the sun rise was priceless. We did this one as a big group date which made it all the more fun!



I titled it gym date but it could also be titles “work out date.” We like going to the gym and running together. At BYU they have a track that is fun but sometimes it is easier to just do a treadmill because Kyle is so much faster than me. We will do stretches together or yoga or different ab work-outs. Sometimes we stay home and put in Jillian Michaels. The lady is no joke. Those videos always make us laugh too. When it is warm, we both like to go running outside. It’s nice to be able to be able to do this together because we can push and motivate one another.


This one we cheated because we haven’t actually done it yet…but we want too! That counts right? We don’t actually have bikes, so if you have some you are getting rid of, let me know! But we just think it would be so fun to ride around town. We are adventure people, can you tell? You could ride bikes down to the park and have a picnic while you watch the sunset or just ride down to the farmers market. So many fun things include bikes!



The title is so lame on this one but I didn’t know what else to call it! In November, I think, we decided we weren’t going to eat at the same restaurant more than once. Which is kind of torture because some we liked so much! But it was really neat to be able to go out and try new foods. Some were total busts and other were AMAZING! Stay tuned because will be posting about some of our favorite places to eat! If you can’t tell already WE LOVE FOOD. Some might call us foodies. We would agree.

I hope you enjoyed our list! We would love to hear some of your favorite date night ideas! As always


Kyle and Taylor



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