Stress & Relief

What a week.

Pardon me as I still try and catch my breath.

The stress of wedding planning and life has finally set in. Last week we started looking for housing in Provo. Three words: dog eat dog. I am not kidding. We looked at apartment after apartment that was either, run-down, over-priced, or just plain gross. My favorite was the basement apartment that we looked at that had 6 ft ceilings. This might not seem like a big deal except Ky is 6’3″. yeah no.

I started turning into a crazy person! I would check housing websites every hour. Refreshing the page multiple times a minute. Posts would go up and within minutes it would have 30 comments. Every time I would get on Facebook I would feel my heart start to race. I really thought this was a hopeless effort and we might as well be homeless.

That Sunday Kyle had the idea to fast and pray that we would find an apartment that was right for us.

The next day we continued our search. We came up empty a few more times. I was starting to get anxious again. I had been messaging 5 people a day about apartments and finally at 6:30 on Tuesday night I got a text back for an apartment. I had to look back on the site because I couldn’t even remember who I had texted. He said he would be willing to show us the apartment at 7. We were so excited, we got in the car and went straight over.

We could tell just by pulling up if we were going to like a place or not. This place was beautiful. It was so well kept and clean. We looked inside and it had new floors and new paint and it was spacious! It was quite perfect. We called that night and set up a time to meet with the landlord. We met with her the next day and put down a deposit. It felt like a weight had been lifted.

There is such an incredible power in prayer and the faith that is associated with those prayers. I really gained a stronger conviction of that this week. God knows us, He knows what we need, He knows when to make us wait a little longer for the blessings, and when to send comfort right away. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your stress and worries are too trivial or not important. God cares.


Kyle and Taylor

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