Roadtrip to Las Vegas (LDS style)

Sorry we haven’t written in awhile! We were roadtrippin! Our first roadtrip! I don’t know how we have lasted the eight months without one! I love road trips for a few reasons.

#1. You get to eat all the junk food with little to no guilt 😉

#2. You get to spend every second stuck with the one you love. And no way to escape. hehe

#3. You get to experience every state you travel through.

This trip was a crazy one! We are getting married in Arizona so we had to go down to do get our marriage license! While we were down, we took our bridals, celebrated Ky’s Dad’s birthday, had my bridal shower, and squeezed in time to explore Vegas. It was such an insane week! We seriously feel like we need a vacation from our vacation. Crikey!

Check out the video!

Here are some of our favorite things to eat & see in Las Vegas!

This was Kyles very first time going to Vegas! I have been going to Vegas for years and I always have a ball. Here are some clean things to do and eat if your not into the gambling, drinking, or striping sort-of-thing.



Shake Shack: This isn’t specific to Vegas but we had it for the first time when we went and we LOVED it. Kyle got the smoke burger and I got the veg burger. A plus for both! It was delicious!

Chinese Express: My family discovered this gem a few years ago. It is right inside the Palace Station Hotel. One of our favorite items on the menu are salt & pepper shrimp, beef chow mein, orange chicken, & peppered steak. I am drooling just thinking about it! mmm!


Jeanne Phillips Patisserie: This one is inside the Bellagio Hotel. One word, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Not only will your Willy Wonka chocolate dreams come true, they have amazing pastries & crepes.  Plus it’ll make you feel super classy. Even if it is just for five minutes.

Sirrico’s Pizza: What could be better than eating a giant slice of pizza in a hotel staged as New York City…I guess actually eating New York pizza in NEW YORK. But it’s as close as I can get at the moment so it will do. This isn’t the most amazing pizza in the entire world but it is good and the atmosphere makes it even better. I love the feel of this hotel.

Grand Cafe: Sunset Station has one of my favorite buffets, a bowling alley, movie theater, Ben & Jerry’s & this place. We like staying at this place because it is away from all the crazy but still has a life of it’s own. One of our favorite things to do is go to the Grand Cafe, located in Sunset Station, at 10pm and get the loaded nachos. They are huge and sooo yummy!


Coke Factory: I dream about coke floats every night. They are 1000000000 times better at the coke factory. I don’t know how they do it! This time we tried all the cokes from around the world. It was so fun to see the sour look on each of our faces as we tried the weird ones! My favorite was a ginger soda from Japan. mmmm! Kyle’s was Inka Cola from Peru. We are so cultured. Kind of. Trying to be.

M&M Factory: This is four levels of gloriousness. Granted it really is a glorified gift shop, however, it is pretty incredible. They have this cute 3D movie on the 3rd level, a M&M race car on the 4th level, and more M&M’s than you have ever seen in your life. It is amazing!


Botanical Garden in the Bellagio: I don’t know who decorates this garden, but it one of the best that I’ve seen in my life. It is huge. And beautiful. They decorate for the season and holidays. Plus it is a great place to take pictures!


Las Vegas Premium Outlets: Every shopaholics dream. This is the only place I will buy designer clothing (other than last chance.) I love shopping but I just can’t justify spending $300 on a dress even if it is Kate Spade. So the outlets help me reason with my love for nice things and my thrift-shop mentality. Guess and Nike are always the stores we spend the most time in.


Circus Circus Adventure Dome: This is an indoor amusement park. It is smaller but oh so fun! I love this hotel for many reasons. They have free circus acts, circus games and an amusement park. It will keep you busy all day with non-stop fun!

Even though it didn’t make the list I can’t forget to mention the pool at the Monte Carlo Hotel. It has a wave pool AND a lazy river! Vegas really can be a fun (clean) place when you know where to go!

We would love to know your favorite places to eat and explore in Las Vegas! Comment below or contact us!


Kyle & Taylor




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