Slapfish Review

HEY ALL! We have a great review for you today! It’s about a spiff and spunky new seafood joint in Lehi, Utah called Slapfish. What a “catch”y name right? So before we start treading into deep water for this review, we do have one warning. The fish itself is pretty good, but don’t expect it to taste like you are on the coast of Boston Harbor or the San Francisco Bay. It just tastes like deep fried fish, and frankly a little too deep fried. If it weren’t for their amazingly awesome sauce then It might just taste like oil. Basically all the flavor is in the sauce, which isn’t bad, but we like to think of sauce as an enhancer to flavor rather than a mask. In short, make sure you ask for extra sauce.

The feel of the restaurant is pretty sick. We thought it was well designed and had a great atmosphere. It was bump’n with people too, which always makes for a good eating environment. Even the menu is on a wooden board which totally speaks to the mariner within us all.  

The service was good and our food didn’t take long to arrive. I ordered something called The Dagwood, which was basically just fish and chips on a bun with coleslaw and their awesome sauce.

And here is a picture.


Taylor got the Lobster Taquitos featured below.


The same review about flavor above applies to both of our orders. Other things we noticed were that they really do have great presentation, good textures, and are creative! It is a little pricey though. We spent just under $20 for our food. So if you are a poor college student like we are, then don’t make a habit of eating out here.

Last but not least is the soda! Boy oh boy do they have good soda. It’s all made with real cane sugar. None of that processed junk in other sodas. We loved it so much that if we come back it will probably just be for the soda:)

So go ahead and give it a try! And let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions of other places we should try! Happy Fishing!

Love, Kyle and Taylor

P.S. DO NOT GO DURING RUSH HOUR. Utah rush hour + Utah driving = death. Seriously. Don’t try and use your phone to get there either. Mine tried to tell me to turn on a street that wasn’t even finished yet. Just go on I-15 towards Lehi until the Timp Highway exit by the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, take a right and then take your first right on Digital Ave. You’ll see it in the retail development just east of the Utah Community Credit Union building.

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