Our Perfect Spring Wedding

April 27, 2017. 10:30am. Mesa, Arizona.


There is something so special about spring. Winter is gone and all this life springs forth. It’s a new beginning and now it will forever be ours.

Our day couldn’t have been more perfect. We were together & surrounded by the people we love most. That was all that really mattered. It also didn’t hurt that everything turned out just stunning.

We got sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple by Kyle’s Grandpa. It was so beautiful. One thing that he said that we remember is Gratitude (for Groberg) and sacrafice (for Southworth). We have been trying to remember to always have gratitude for one another and to be willing to sacrifice for one another as well.


Here are some details of our wedding:

Colors: Blush pink, Navy blue & sparkles! Choosing the colors was a little tricky. I have always loved pink so I really wanted that to be one of the colors. I originally wanted black and green but Kyle wanted to wear blue. So blue it was! I think it is important to think about everyone in your party. I love how our pictures turned out because not only did we look good but EVERYONE looked good. Which inevitable makes the pictures turn out a lot better. I was going to put my bridesmaids in pink but having 3 red haired sisters, I knew that that wouldn’t be the most complimentary. So we went with navy instead. They all looked stunning! I also think it is important to think about the time of year you are getting married. We wanted something that complimented spring especially because the flowers we were using were spring flowers.

Theme: Vintage glam. We had a backyard wedding but we wanted to glam it up so it felt different than any other backyard event. We used lighted twigs, LOTS of greenery, a Marquee “Love” sign, and sparkles galore! My mom is the real hero. She took all my crazy ideas and brought them to life!

FOOOOD. Food was so hard for us to decide on. Do we want an actual meal, do we want just dessert? We went with just desserts. We wanted to just have really really good desserts. We had Cold Stone cater, a Dunkin Donut tower, gourmet sugar & chocolate chip cookies, & tarts.

Every wedding has something that goes wrong. Ours was the food. We had originally ordered Lemon, pecan pie, & chubby hubby bars along with the cookies. Unfortunately our baker thought our wedding was on Saturday instead of Thursday. So we got tarts instead. It was beautiful though. And we would have never known if no one would have told us!

Here’s a fun fact, Dunkin Donuts will custom make donuts for you in your wedding colors, fresh before your wedding. That was such a cute personal touch. To drink we just had a sparkling cider fountain and fruit water.

Luncheon. Rosa’s (Mexican Food!!). Some people have a rehearsal dinner but we decided to cram it all in in one day. It was definitely a full day but I am really glad we did it that way. The food was amazing and we got a big open room to where we could go around and chat with everyone. It was so fun to catch up with everyone that we didn’t have a chance to at the temple. Both of our Dad’s got up and said the sweetest thing to us as well as Kyle’s Grandpas.


Flowers. We actually made our own flowers. My mom, sisters & I all got together and made all the boutineers, bouquets & flower crown. I love being able to tell people that I made my own bouquet and Kyle’s boutineer. I found bouquets I like on Pinterest and then we googled each flower and ordered them from a wholesaler in Arizona.

Dress and Suit. I thought for sure that I wanted a tight dress, but when I started trying on dresses, it was the ballgown that I fell in love with. I would recommend trying on a good variety of dresses. I tried on about 10 dresses but ended up going with the second one I tried on! When you know you know! It also helped that my dress’s undertone was blush pink! I went to a small boutique in Orem, Utah called Avenia Bridal. They were so sweet & helpful & had an incredible selection. At first we were going to have Kyle wear grey but in our bridals it turned out looking tan. So we changed to Navy and I am so glad we did. He was (and is) a total stud. His suit was from Express. They gave us one killer deal!

Photo and Video. We had a hard time deciding whether to have a videographer or not. We like watching others videos but we figured we would pay all this money for this video that we would watch once or twice. Our photographer was Sara Ratcliff. She is phenomenal. We couldn’t be happier with our pictures. She did my sisters so we knew we loved her work!

Venue: Gather Estate Mesa, Arizona. We first were going to have our reception at our neighborhood clubhouse, then our backyard, & we finally landed on Gather Estate. It is this gorgeous, vintage home that has been renovated to be a reception center. It has this brides room that is just to die for along with a fully functioning kitchen and a huge backyard with a dance floor. We loved the kitchen to feed all the people helping to set up and store some of the food before the reception. The brides room was so nice to have to touch up make up and get back in my dress. We loved it.


Make-up & Hair: By yours truly. I will admit that I have trust issues when it come to these two things. I love watching hair and make-up videos and I do my make-up every other day so I thought “I can totally do this!” So I did. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was afraid it would make things kind of stressful but it actually didn’t.

Something borrowed: my veil. It was my sisters.

Something Blue: the garter. It has blue jewels on it.

Something old: My bracelet. It was my moms.

Something new: My dress. heart eyes all day long.


Writing this all down just brings back all the giddy feelings from that day. The best part is being married to my best friend, all the rest are minor details. We are so grateful to all the people that made our day so wonderful!


Kyle and Taylor




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