10+ gifts for the most important men in your life! 

This is a special Father’s Day for us because we have extra Dad’s to celebrate! We live out of state, but we still wanted to make them feel special. We decided to send out our favorite popcorn-BOOM CHICKA POP- with an award on it that says, “best POP ever.” We included a thank you card in our boxes. 

Here are some other budget friendly ideas for both in state and out of state dads! 

1) Photo book. I love this idea because it’s something that they can keep forever! It’s sentimental & creative! Shutterfly Is a great place to get photo books. They are always running sales especially if you have their app! 

2) Breakfast in bed. You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! My husband is a total foodie. Homemade parfait, heart shaped waffles or their favorite food would be really cute and make them feel special! 

3) If you have kids you can take a picture of them holding a sign that says, “Happy Father’s Day” Or “I love you.” My sister’s family gave my parents that for Christmas last year and it really was the cutest thing! 

4) Sticky notes around the house saying all your favorite things about him. I’ve seen cute ideas like making the sticky notes into a heart and leaving it on the mirror in the bathroom. Or leaving the sticky notes in his books/briefcase/car/etc. 

5) Coupon book. My dad & husband love back rubs so I always include that in any coupon book I make for them. This is such a cute way to show that you love them and know what they like! It could include things like breakfast in bed or date night. 

We all know the classic Father’s Day gifts like a tie, watch, mug, wallet & dorky tee shirt. Well here are the best of these we’ve found PLUS a little extra! 

TIE– “tie one on” is our favorite tie place. They have the best prices and endless styles. The tie Ky were at our wedding was from here & we get compliments on it allllllll the time. 

WATCH– Arvo makes modern watches for His and Hers. How cute would it be to have matching watches!? We have never actually owned one of these watches but we totally have been eyeing these for quite some time! 

MUGS– moving in right next to target was probably a bad move. We are at target literally 4-5 times a WEEK! ❤️❤️ We are really into the Natural Boho look and these cooper mugs are perfect for that style. If that style isn’t you then no worries because they have tons of other super cute mugs. 

WALLET– Kyle got this last year and really likes it. This is perfect for the Dad that’s wanting to downsize their wallet. It’s called the minimalist wallet for a reason! 

Or the Ridge Wallet. Our brother-in-law has this one! It is another minimalist wallet but this one is made out of carbon fiber! 

TEE SHIRTS– I found this website a few years ago and I’m not kidding they have every quote you can think of on a tee shirt. This one, we thought was particularly cute! They have funny and sentimental ones for reasonable prices. 
Some other cute ideas could be a grill, grilling tools, or apron. You can find all these right on Amazon. (We kinda love Amazon if you can’t tell 😉🙈) 

It really is the thought that counts. We hope you and the amazing men in your life have a wonderful Father’s Day!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

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