4th of July Fashion 

Is there anything better than fireworks, bbqs, warm weather, watermelon, family & good ole USA pride!? 

I love this time of year! It’s my favorite time of year, second to Christmas that is 😉. Ky and I rounded up some of our favorite apparel for this years 4th of July! 

Let’s start with something obnoxious…

Rompers are all the rage these days, so what could be better than a solid red romper!? Especially while the fireworks light up behind you! Lol! I walked out of our room in this outfit and Ky was like, “you can’t wear heels with everything!” The answer is yes, yes I can. & I will. 

Rompers are nice because you can dress them up or keep them casual. I’m a total thrift store junkie so this baby is one-of-a-kind. The shoes are TJ MAXX! ❤️

If this shirt doesn’t say American pride, then I really don’t know what does!! This was a yard sale gem that we just couldn’t let slip through our fingers! Heart eyes alllll day for this man in this shirt! 

Patriotic T-shirts and shorts are a great way to get into that holiday spirit & get a tan…unless you are me. Then you stay pasty all year. 

This is an entire thrift store outfit. Except the hat because #lice. I got these jeans and then everyone started coming out with these cute warn-out jeans so of course I had to cut the knees. Which actually made them way more comfortable. Double win!

 This outfit I love because it says festive without really trying that hard. It’s so subtle you could wear it any day. It’s casual and comfy! 

Plaid. OMG. I love plaid. & button ups. This is a little more dressy for the men but still playful. I love the bright patriotic colors. This is another one of those subtle outfits that can be worn any other day but totally works for the 4th.

 Jeans + a button up = outfit success

So there we were strolling down the aisles at target when ALL OF A SUDDEN I see this NASA shirt and I jumped for joy and bought it. From the men’s section. Without even trying it on. I know I know, not from the thrift store. It’s a really big deal 😉🙈. These shorts used to be pants until I got to hot and cut them off so now they are shorts. My only pair of shorts actually. What could be more American than space travel!? Lol. 

Well that’s all we got folks! Thanks for reading! We would love to hear your favorite places to buy festive clothing in the comments! As always


Kyle and Taylor 

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