How to: Clean Hard Water Stains 

Today marks the day that a little lemon changed my life. I never thought I would see the day. 


yes. Do it. Then start a group text with all your lady homies & then conquer the world. 

So I had this mirror & light fixture & bathroom faucet that was stained with hard water spots. I tried windex, scrubbing with soap and water, It wouldn’t budge. 

Then I did what anyone would’ve done in a situation like this- I turned to the DIY holy grail also known as Pinterest. All I could find was solutions for bath tub stains. I was uncertain if these formulas would be to much for a mirror. All the recipes I could find called for lemon and vinegar. I was a little nervous about the vinegar but I thought “how much harm could a little lemon do?!” 

So here are the steps that I did to reach glistening perfection (or close too.) 

1) I got a fresh lemon from my fridge, cut it in half. 

2) Rubbed the open side straight onto my mirror, faucet & light bulbs.

3) I then grabbed my scrub brush and went back through, just to make sure I had gotten everything.

4) After that I got a wet paper towel and washed the lemon off. I didn’t want to leave anything sticky! Bleck! 

5) I took a dry paper towel and dried everything off. I didn’t want to leave any water spots behind either!  

Here are my results:

Apparently lemon can do a WHOLE lot! Thank you Mother Earth! 

I’d love to hear your cleaning tips and tricks in the comments on this post! 


Kyle & Taylor 

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