Colorado Travel Guide

This past weekend we discovered Colorado! It is the most gorgeous state. The mountains, trees, resorts, city, foood- just everything. We had a blast! It also helps that we have amazing family there! 

Our first stop was Grand Junction. This is a smaller town just off the border of Utah. It is HOT there! Which made it the perfect day to raft down the Colorado river! They have a lot of rafting areas (some more dangerous than others) but we wanted something chill. We got on in Junction and floated to Fruita. 

Our raft sprung a leak and that’s why we got off a little early! It was hilarious as we “sunk” down the river! People would tell us that our raft was loosing air and we just said, “Yeah, it is.” Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle live there and it was so fun to see them and hang out for awhile! 

Next stop was Silverthorne! 

 This is a resort town high in the mountains about an hour out of Denver. 10,000 feet up, to be exact! This was the moment in the trip where we literally couldn’t stop saying WOW! No joke, I have never seen so many Christmas trees in my whole life. They just lined the mountain on every corner. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.


We went on a nature walk with his Grandparents, who live there. 

They also showed us a sweet cafe where the locals eat called Sunshine Cafe. I like to think of myself of an eggs Benedict connisuer. This was the best that I’ve had. And they made it with fresh salmon! Winner winner chicken dinner! But with salmon šŸ˜. 

Last stop was Denver! Oh Denver! I have a thing for city life! We road the train in from highlands Ranch (where his other aunt and uncle live. Yeah we have a lot of family!) to Denver! We took the train into union station! Union station is a fun hub. There are lots of restaurants and even a hotel right in the station. 

16th street mall is also a happening place! We didn’t have time to explore as much as we would’ve liked but there are street performers and lots of shops! 

We didn’t have time to do this but we hear you have to visit the US Mint right in Denver. They have free tours on the weekdays before three! We can’t wait to go next time! 

One of our favorite parts of the trip was seeing SHAWNY SHAWN (aka Shawn Mendes) in concert. Guys…he was incredible. He has the voice of an angel that I could listen to forever! 

If you are in Denver, you’ve got to catch a concert or a professional game! It’s such a blast! 

What would a travel guide be without the food!? Here are our favorites from our trip! 

Hopdoddy’s. Organic Burgers and fries! They were incredible! The burgers and salads were so unique and tasty! Well worth the money! 

Little Man Ice cream. You can tell a place knows what they are doing when there is a line down the block! That’s what this place looked like at 3 in the afternoon! The ice cream did not disappoint. It was phenominal! 

We also stopped by this local market, right outside of Union Station. They had handmade chocolate and pastries. 

We LOOOOVED Denver!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

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