The plus sign that changed the world!

Well at this point the news is out! You are probably wondering, “did they just get married??” and “why are they announcing so early?” Well here is the answer to alll the questions and a little insight into what has actually been going on these past few weeks!

Was it planned?

Yes and no. Before Kyle and I got married, we talked about having kids. We both felt that we should start our family right away (maybe me more than Kyle.) We explored different kinds of birth control and quite honestly most of them made me a little uneasy. I didn’t want to do anything to my body that could possible inhibit my ability to having kids, because that is something that is really sacred to me. I did use birth control pills for about two months but didn’t really like the effects it had on me. When I went off of them we used a more natural method…very loosely, obviously! We knew that getting pregnant would be a possibility and we didn’t do much to prevent. We kind of just let whatever happen, happen.

I don’t know if every woman has this fear but I was so afraid that we wouldn’t be able to conceive. That fear is no longer a fear anymore! We got pregnant two months after going off the birth control pills, about four months of being married!

Why announce so early?

CAUSE I’M FREAKING HUGE! no, I’m serious! At 7 weeks my belly popped and has gotten bigger ever since! Because of it, everyone in my family thought we were having twins. We are really thanking our lucking stars to only be having ONE baby. At the moment, we just hit 12 weeks…like today haha.

I wrote the following when we first found out we were pregnant! We are so so excited to be growing our family. We are so grateful for the love and support and even more grateful for this amazing opportunity to grow and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

There you have it folks. A faded blue sign. I starred at it thinking…what the heck is this suppose to mean!? I really couldn’t tell if it was positive of negative at first.

They say the first pee of the morning is the most potent so I believed them. I crawled out of bed early in the morning and peed right on the purple end of the stick. Kyle was still asleep. It was Sunday. I left it in the bathroom and crawled back into bed to wait the recommended two minutes.

That is what I saw when I went and checked on it. I snuck back into our room and said “ky…are you awake??” He turned over and said, “did you take it?? What did it say??” We had talked about taking it this morning the day before. He thought that I was pregnant because I had a migraine all weekend, so bad I started puking.

I said, “come and see”

He jumped out of bed and drifted into the bathroom. Picked up the stick. Them looked at me. “I knew it!” We hugged.

Then there was the moment of “are you sure??” It looks faded to me. We read the box and sure enough it confirmed.

Now what!?

We kept saying “I can’t believe it!” and “wow!”

We were excited and shocked!

So we put on our church clothes and went to church. I was so distracted! I changed my period app, Flo, to pregnant. It said the baby was a size of a sesame seed and that we were 5 WEEKS PREGGO! What!? How’d five weeks past so quickly!? You see they trick you! Technically we were two but the app, and everyone, I guess tracks from your last period. I’ll take it. We are ahead of the game!


Kyle and Taylor

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