Cravings & 13 weeks


I can seeeee the light at the end of this tunnel called pregnancy! The light is bright and it’s the second trimester! I already am feeling less tired and less nauseous. The puking is down to one time a day, WHICH I CAN HANDLE!

Kyle is loving it because I started making dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning up, and EVEN decorated for fall! It feels good to be productive again.

We even made a fall to-do list, which you know has more food than activities on it (hehe!) It consist of apple cider, caramel apples, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and maybe even a Halloween party! I love this time of year! It takes me back to New England. A piece of my heart will forever be there. Last fall, we were lucky enough to go back and visit Boston. This year flights have been INSANELY priced. We will be lucky to make it to Arizona! This is not going to stop us from having the most amazing babymoon ever, though! All you mamas and papas out there, what kind of babymoon is best, Beach or City adventure? We are having the hardest time deciding! We kind of want to go somewhere we have never been and explore but we also want it to feel like a relaxing vacation! I would love to hear your comments!

Okay, let’s talk cravings. I am one who always thought they were a little exaggerated, and I somewhat still do. But I get it! Before being pregnant, I would have normal cravings all the time. Sometimes I would just NEED pizza for no good reason and I would go and get it! See I am a pizza girl. I could eat pizza for every single meal and never get bored! But my “taste” has completely changed. All of a sudden I have turned into the sub sandwich, green apple, grape, sour gummies kind of a girl. Which is so weird for me. Normally I would NEVER want that. People have told me that those cravings will increase as I get further along…so I guess I will keep you posted. I have looked at those wives’ tales and I am not sure if any of these cravings specifically point towards boy or girl. I know they are all just myths but it is fun to assume.


Other than that, this week has been filled with BYU homecoming festivities including a 5k and blue pancakes on Saturday, a fancy luncheon, lots of outreach marketing, studying, a movie premier and snuggles. I am going to try and post every Sunday so watch for the updates!


Kyle and Taylor

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