How One Simple Decision Can Change Your Life: Part 2

Hi all! You know from reading our last post that we can choose to be happy, positive, and grateful regardless of our outside circumstances. Doing this will have an incredible impact on many aspects of our everyday lives. It will boost our performance at work, in school, in our relationships, and even strengthen our immune systems. If you haven’t read our last post on this subject, please do so here. This is part two. Here we will share some tips and tricks from our own lives as well as from the experts on how to train our brains to be more positive and thus boost our quality of life. But, how can I just choose to feel happy when my whole life is in turmoil you ask? Well, I think it all starts with how we stand.

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Yeah, you heard me. The first step to choose to be happy is choosing to stand how a happy person stands. Body language and posture have a huge effect on how we feel. In one of Tony Robbins speaking events, he taught, “Motion controls Emotion.” Think back to the last time you were sad. Maybe you are sad and down right now. Take a second and think back to how your posture was. If you are sad right now about something, take note on how you are standing or sitting. Is your general position down or up? Are you slouching with your gaze facing the floor, or are your shoulders back with your sight facing the sky? Odds are, if you’re sad then your body language is down. The problem is that most of us believe that the reason our body posture is down is because we are sad. Well, what if I told you that you are sad because your body posture is down? Don’t believe me? Let’s try an experiment. No matter how you are feeling right now, whether that be sad, happy, or just plain neutral, take a second and stand up. If you are at home or in some other private place, then that’s perfect. If you are in a public area with lots of people watching, then maybe wait until you get home to try this, unless you are really adventurous and don’t care about being stared at. Ready? Ok. Bend your knees, jump as high as you can with your fist in the air and yell “YES! I AM THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!” Repeat three times, each time trying to jump higher and yell louder. (Note: we are not responsible for any injuries cause by doing this experiment. Do not jump too high, make sure you have good knees, and warm up a little;) Now you see why I suggested you try this at home. I’m willing to bet you $10 that you felt your energy spike and at least some of the stress/fear/gloom go away. You may even have laughed a little. When I tried this I instantly felt happier, lighter, and more energized. Why? Because motion controls emotion.

Another way to train your brain to be happy is to keep a gratitude journal. Writing down what we are grateful for forces our brain to focus on positive things. It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed at the same time. Doing this everyday over the course of a few weeks or months will leverage the power of Neuroplasticity to literally rewire the way our brains think. Instead of defaulting to negative thoughts when bad things happen, our brains will have trained themselves to focus on what we are grateful for and what we can learn from the situation. I tried this for about 3 months earlier this year and I can honestly say that it works! I need to get back into it. Taylor is really good at being grateful and positive and she kept a gratitude journal all throughout high school and after her mission. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Last but not least, happiness has a lot less to do with acquisition and a lot more to do with elimination. What do I mean by this? Most people focus on acquiring new things to be happy, yet they struggle with things such as guilt, holding grudges, stress, and other clutter. Instead of constantly trying to add more “good” to your life to be happy, first trying removing some “bad.” Tony Robbins (no introduction needed, and if you don’t know who he is then shame on you), recently shared a post on his Instagram that really resonated with me. It fits perfectly with this topic so I thought I would share it. Thank you, Tony!


So there you have it! Part two of our two-part series! We’ve shared the small decision that can change your life, and we’ve told you how to apply it. Choosing to be positive by controlling your motions, keeping a gratitude journal, and eliminating negative habits has helped me tremendously, and it continues to help me every day. This post is just as much for me as it is for all of you guys. We ALL need to focus on these practices and continually work on strengthening them. And as you know, knowledge has no power unless it is applied. So give it a try! Test out our plan for one week and see how it affects your life for the better! Then let us know how it worked! We would love to hear your stories and experiences below!



Tay & Kyle

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