Gender Reveal Party

Over Thanksgiving, Kyle and I took the ten+ hour trek down to Mesa to visit with our families. It was sunny and warm. I swear the sun is brighter in Arizona! I could barely walk outside with out my eyes burning. I guess I am too adjusted to the Utah climate!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we decided to throw a gender reveal party! We found out the gender almost a week before and kept the secret allllll the way until Wednesday! This is a HUGE deal for me because keeping secrets is my BIGGEST weakness. Seriously! I always give away Christmas gifts and surprises all the time. But this time I DID IT. And I’m kind of proud. Really proud. I’m really proud.

Anyway, back to the gender reveal party! I really enjoy decorating and planning parties. It is so fun for me! We really wanted to go with a holiday theme since it was so close to Thanksgiving. We went back and forth for weeks and we finally decided that having pink or blue come out of a turkey or pumpkin just wasn’t cute. So we changed to Christmas, because close enough right?

The Monday before the party, I called a local baker named Katie Rickertsen. I asked her to make boy and girl gingerbread cookies for the party! These cookies were the main event! She did AMAZING!! If you live in the Phoenix area and need something baked, call Katie. You can check out my Instagram for her contact information.

We hung up ultra sound pictures of our little babe.

Other than the cookies we had a hot chocolate bar and pie!

We had everyone vote whether they thought it was a boy or girl using peanut and regular M&Ms.

We are over the freaking MOON to be having a baby boy!! And we loved being able to celebrate with our friends and family!

Also being pregnant with my BFF has been so fun! She is having a girl in January and we are pretty much already planning the wedding!


Kyle and Taylor (and soon to be baby BOY G!!!)

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