Thanksgiving Recap

Since getting pregnant, I have been LITERALLY dreaming of thanksgiving dinner. Warm rolls, fluffy potatoes, creamy gravy, and hearty stuffing! Everything about Thanksgiving is my favorite. Cheesy, but true.

I love being in the kitchen cooking with the people I love. I love watching the Macy’s day parade (even though I missed it this year!) I love decorating the table. I love watching the boys play basketball. I love reflecting on the year and how God’s hand has been so prevalent in my life and others.

This year, Kyle and I kept some of our traditions growing up, and also started our own! In Mesa, where we are from, Kyle ran the annual Turkey Trot. Our brother-in-law Danny ran it with him, while Kelsea, the boys and I cheered on the sidelines with camera in hand!

Then we went over to my parent’s house to start helping with lunch. My family always eats at 11:30 am every year. This year Kyle made the rolls. They were UNREAL. I am pretty sure that will be his assignment every year! I made the cranberry sauce per usual. Britania and I also worked on the decor. I love decorating, especially when it comes to the holidays!

After Lunch, we all headed to the park so the boys could play basketball and the girls (and babies) could chat. I’m not sure who won the game but I do know that no one “cheated” this year…so that’s a plus. LOL.

Next stop was Kyle’s parents house! One of my favorite things was watching home videos of Kyle as a baby! It made me so excited to meet our little guy! I hope so bad that he looks just like his daddy! Meanwhile, Kyle made another batch of rolls! Dinner was delicious.

The rest of the weekend consisted of mostly shopping and eating. My two very most favorite things! Other than Kyle and Baby Boy, of course! We loved being able to spend so much time together and with family. I can’t wait until Christmas!

What do did you do this year! We would love to hear your traditions!


Kyle and TAy

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