2017 Recap

Ohhh 2017. How can it already be the end?

This year has been my favorite so far! I actually think this will forever be my favorite year! From getting married, starting new jobs, visiting so many new places, and getting pregnant! This truly was the year for BIG firsts! So here’s the recap of the year that changed our lives in so many incredible ways!

Jan. 20th

Kyle knelt on one knee and asked me to be his FOREVER!

Feb. 5th

Stanley was born and Kyle’s love for baking was ignited!

Feb. 8th

Kyle was feeling 22 #cliche

Feb. 21st

I said YES to my wedding dress! I can’t thank Pritchett Bridal enough for making my dress dreams come true!

March 9th

Kyle’s amazing Aunt Jane took our engagement pictures!

March 16th

Kyle and I took a trip to Vegas! This was Kyle’s first time going to Las Vegas!

March 18th

Marlee and her mama threw me the MOST AMAZING bridal shower!

April 8th

Kyle’s cousin Witney also threw me an Amazing bridal shower in Utah!

April 23rd

Kyle and I took a trip to northern Arizona to visit Horseshoe Bend!

April 27th

I married my very own Prince Charming!

April 28th


June 1st

My baker made his first batch of French Macarons and they were nothing less of perfection!

July 3rd

I turned 23!

July 17th

We took a trip to Colorado, it was my first time! We loved being able to explore and visit family!

August 1st

I started my new job at Vitanya Brain Performance!

August 6th

We found out we were having a baby!

September 16th

We took a trip with our friends up to Yellowstone National Park! Surprisingly that was my first time up to Idaho and Yellowstone!

Nov. 16th

We found out we were having a baby BOY!

Dec. 21st

Kyle and I went to San Francisco for our Baby moon!

It has been so fun for me to look through all of these photos and reminisce about this year! I can’t believe how much has happened in just one year! I don’t know if 2018 can compare but I am excited for a new year full of firsts and adventures!


Kyle & Taylor

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