Our Pregnancy Must-haves

Today marks 27 weeks. I swear I just took the pregnancy test just yesterday and now we are entering our final stretch, THE LAST TRIMESTER! The thought of labor is becoming more and more real…and I am still not sure how I feel about that haha!

I do not claim to be an expert in anyway, believe me, but I have found a few products that have made my not-so-easy pregnancy that much better! Below you will find my top 10 products that -at the moment- I can not and will not live without!

#1 Pregnancy Pillow

This was one of my very favorite purchases! I got this pillow off of amazon the starting of my second trimester. There are a lot of pillow shapes to choose from and this is the shape I recommend. If your pregnancy is like mine, the back pain is so real. This shape offers both back and belly support. I can’t sleep without it at this point.

#2 Prenatal

I started taking this prenatal about two months before we got pregnant, which I really recommend (if you can plan it that way!) I absolutely HATED taking prenatals because they made me so nauseous untilllll I started taking them right before bed. By doing that I slept through all the nasty feelings and woke up feeling great! I highly recommend doing that for those who hate taking prenatals. I found this particular brand at Walmart.

#3 Belly Butter

I started using Burt’s Bees Belly Butter my first trimester. I used it right before bed every night and I haven’t ran out yet! This is something you can find on Amazon, Target, or Walmart. I also have yet to get a stretch mark!

#4 Coconut Oil

This is something my older sister suggested I try, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I use this every night along with the belly butter. Coconut oil is not my favorite thing to put on because I really don’t like feeling oily but it really does help with stretch marks. You can find coconut oil at most grocery stores, Walmart, Target or Amazon.

#5 Belly Band

This is the exact belly band that I use. My baby really likes to hang out down low so a belly band is a MUST for me. I like this particular style because it also acts as a undershirt. I found this belly band on Amazon.

#6 Eye Serum

I didn’t start really needing this until about a few weeks ago but since then I have used it every morning. I don’t sleep as much as I used to, at all. I end up tossing and turning most nights or having a harder time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. So you can imagine the size of the bags that live under my eyes! This serum helps reduce my puffy eyes. I got this serum from the Clinique counter at Macy’s.

#7 Chewable Antacids

Raise your hand if you hate the chalky taste of TUMS! I doooo! These little gems are completely different, to me they taste like Jordan Almonds. My dad showed me these a few weeks ago and oh boy, I love them. I just started getting heartburn, mostly around bedtime, so I just pop one of these and I am good to go. I got mine at CVS and I actually got the CVS brand which I really like the taste of.

#8 Maternity Cloths

Okay to be honest, buying maternity cloths was the hardest thing for me. I literally didn’t get anything maternity until last week. I held out as long as I possibly could! I don’t know what my deal was but I am so glad I gave in and started wearing cloths that fit and are comfortable! I got all of mine from Old Navy including the leggings and dress that you see above. They only have maternity online but I loved there selection and everything was so SOFT. Don’t hold out as long as I did.

#9 Hair Oil

My hair has gotten so brittle since getting pregnant. I started using Kendi oil the beginning of my second trimester and I am completely hooked. It smells amazing and replenishes my dead hair. I use it anytime of the day, on wet or dry hair. You can get if off Amazon for a great price.

#10 Walking Shoes

I am a girly girl through and through which means I am either in heels or barefoot. Giving up my heels was really hard for me, and actually took as long to give up my heels as it was to give in to maternity cloths. When Kyle and I went to get me some good walking shoes, it was kind of depressing. But my back and my feet have thanked me multiple times! These are the ones I settled on and I love them! They have a memory foam insert and they are lavender colored! They are the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam QT Racer Women’s Shoes from Kohl’s. I haven’t seen this color anywhere else.

Comment what your pregnancy must-haves are! We would love to hear.


Kyle & Taylor

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