Ramsay Taco Soup

Lately Kyle and I have been watching a new show called “Gordan Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.” Gordan Ramsay is Kyle’s favorite celebrity chef! I love watching this show because it is so informational! He talked all about the how to’s and the why’s of cooking. On one episode he made THIS taco soup recipe and it looked so good on TV we just had to give it a try! Below is the basis of Ramsay’s recipe but fitted to our style! You can find the original recipe on the Asian Food Channel.

This soup can easily be made vegan or veterinarian by swapping out the cheese topping and chicken stock for veggie stock. I always get nevous that recipes that don’t have meat are not going to be as filling but that was not the case at all with this soup. We really loved how light and flavorful it was! We downed the whole soup and it is suppose to feed four people!



Kyle & Taylor

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