Social Media vs Me

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the negative effects of social media. The perfectly portrayed lives, the judging, the comparing, and the inevitable self-doubt. Why do we torture ourselves like this? Now we don’t even have to know the Jone’s to try and keep up with them! From the comfort of our own home, even our very place of rest and refuge, can become bombarded with inadequacy. Perfectly cropped pictures, perfect vacations, perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect children, perfect family…everything seems all too perfect, except of course, you. And all of this shining out of a 10 x 20 mm screen.

I guess the real question lies within ourselves. Is it really the social platforms destroying our confidence or simply ourselves? Can we really be apart of these communities while still feeling beautiful, respected and self-assured? I believe the answer is yes.

Just like the people we choose to be friends with, we have the ability to choose who has the power to affect us. Who are we going to let into our trusted inner circles to give us advice and influence our decision making? I’m sure we’ve all heard that happiness is a choice, I believe that with all of my heart. No one can make us feel a certain way without our conscious or subconscious choice to let them.

Awhile ago there was this big debacle about Snapchat and their new feature of inappropriate content. Some people complained, some people started a petition to make the company remove it but not a lot of people, that I talked to, were willing to delete the app because of it. They wanted the change to be made from someone else besides themselves. It sounds like the same thing is happening now. Bloggers and influencers with big followings should be the ones to change their content. The truth is, however, the only reason that these people have such wide impact is because we let them. We follow them, we “like” their posts, and we even share their content. At any moment we have to power to say, “this is not what I want in my life” and simply stop following them.

It’s hard. We want to be apart of it all. We want our lives to seem equally as important and as valuable as those we idolize. And they can be! I have found that when I think of other’s profiles as simply idea platforms, I am so much happier. I see someone on vacation and instead of comparing, I plan. Where should I go on my next vacation? I think we get so used to expecting the worst of people that we forget they are just people. What would happen if we all assumed the best in each other? If we congratulated other’s successes without taking anything away from ourselves? If we built each other up instead of tearing each other down? Well I think that’s what they call Zion.


Kyle & Taylor

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