Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl and I really feel like everything was ON POINT. The game was UH-MAZING (even though my Pats lost), JT freaking killed the halftime show and don’t even get me started about the food.

Okay, I lied, we have to talk about the food! Let’s just get one thing straight, I love cheese. I seriously feel like cheese should be in its completely own food group. It just makes everything better! Kyle loves spicy food especially Mexican food, so when we were deciding on what to make for the big game, we decided it had to have both!

What could be a better combo than homemade, cheese-filled Jalapeno poppers!? This dish was really simple to but together (big plus for parties) and only takes 10 minutes to cook! Plus guaranteed to be a crowd favorite! We brought this over to our friend’s house and they loved them!

I know not everyone is a big fan of spicy food. Recently this pregnant girl has been a total wimp to spice in general so I mean it when I say, these are pretty mild. Because of the blends of cheese, it helps to balance out the spice of the jalapenos.

Of course I have to put a plug in for party-planning on a budget. Kyle and I are preparing for dental school, so we have to be strategic about how much we spend each week. It actually has been so fun budgeting because we spend a lot more time in the kitchen together experimenting with different recipes and cooking homemade goods! Fresh jalapenos are very affordable, cream cheese was on sale, and so was the bacon! Major score! It helps to plan your meals or snacks around what is in season and what is on sale.

SOOO without further ado…

Here is the recipe!

Try them out, you will not be disappointed! We would love to know what you think!


Kyle & Taylor

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