Valentine’s Fashion Favs

Valentine’s really jipped all the other holidays on colors. Pinks, reds, white I mean, come on! These colors just speak to my heart! So I compiled some of my favorite looks this season that can easily be dressed up for date night or dressed down for a casual night with the girls! Upside is they are all UNDER $25! Each site is linked in the title, if you want to purchase!


Pocket Front Cord Overall Dress


Just knowing that overalls are back in style makes my 5 year old self SO SO HAPPY. The 90’s style was rough for a lot of reasons, but overalls were not one of them! I am so happy that this dress is a thing AND it’s corduroy. Talk about perfection! I love this look! It can be dressed up with a button-up or dressed down with a casual tee underneath.

T-Shirt Ruffle Dress


This dress for so many reasons…the soft pink, the ruffles, the sporty sleeves. I love a dress that looks good for any occasion, and this dress is just that. Girly and chic but also sporty. Pair it with tennies and a denim vest or wear heels and some dangaling earrings. Badah Bing! Badah Boom!

Hagan T-shirt


This really is more than a t-shirt if you ask me. It’s got the material of a blouse but is simple enough to pair with jeans. This would be cute for a night out with the girls #galentines or a date night with your man!

Pink Velvet Dress


I LOVE velvet. I really do not know what it is about velvet that just makes my heart happy. Maybe it is the soft touch, maybe it is the shine that comes from different lightings. I don’t know, but I adore it. Especially when it comes in pink and dress form!

Embroidered Jeans


Jeans are always classic, but adding a touch of embroidering really changes the look and adds a bit of class and color. These jeans can be worn with a nice blouse and heels (maybe even a little fur) or a nice t-shirt and flats. Either way, you can not go wrong.


Hot Pink Suede Flats


I imagine these shoes walking the streets of New York City at night. They just say “City Girl” to me. I think these are more dressy by nature but paired with the right jeans, you could totally dress them down.


Rose Gold Birks


Even though most of the country is in cold climate, I can’t forget my Arizona roots and add something a little summery. These are very casual but I love that they are making a comeback. They would be cute paired with a dress or jeans.

Those are just a few of my favorites for the up-coming holiday, but I would love to see some of your date night essentials!


Kyle & Taylor

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