Roadtripping with a Newborn

This past weekend we took our one month old on a ten hour road trip from Utah to Arizona! Go ahead and call us crazy but it was actually really fun! We went down to surprise our Moms for Mother’s Day. Here are some things we did that made this trip awesome!

1. We broke up the trip. Stopping halfway made ALL the difference in the world. It was really nice to be able to stretch out and rest. For some reason, driving is exhausting!

2. Over pack. I do this already with Kyle and I so it was pretty easy to add Oliver to the mix! You just never know when there is going to be an accident or a spill. I ended up packing almost all of Oliver’s cloths, three swaddles, a box of 100 diapers, a new pack of wipes, thermometer, a nursing cover, burp cloths, baby bath products and his bath seat, stroller, carseat, breast pump, and bottles with a cooler. It all came in very handy!

3. Bottles bottles bottles. If your baby will take a bottle, this was a lifesaver! I pumped right before our trip down and stored the bottles in a cooler. It was really nice to not have to stop for too long every time he was hungry. I forgot to pump on the way home from our trip and it seriously took twice as long!

4. Try to stick to a schedule. This can be hard when traveling but as long as the routine is the same your baby (hopefully) won’t be too off schedule.

5. Bring a passenger, if possible. My husband and I always travel together so one of us could easily sit in the back with Ollie or reach back to hand him is binky. It make it nice for him and for us. Little man really doesn’t like to feel alone. Who does really?

If you have more tips, we would love to hear them! We take roadtrips all the time, so we are always looking for ways to make them a little more enjoyable! Happy travels!



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