Throwing the Perfect Summer BBQ

There are not many things better than a summer barbecue! They are one of my favorite ways to get together with friends and family during the summer! Kyle and I have a park by our house that has this really huge jungle gym with basically everything that a kid could dream of! There is a lot of grassy area and Ramada’s with barbecues beside them. We have had two barbecue there so far but I can see many many more happening there this summer!
I feel like there are two things that really MAKE a barbecue amazing, the food and the people! And then there are things that are just the cherry on top like the activities!

My parents would always throw barbecues and they have a pool! It was so fun to eat a couple bites and then jump into the pool! We never followed the eating and swimming rule…oops! Swimming at a BBQ goes together like peanut butter and jelly! If you don’t have a pool, I think lawn games are suuuuper fun! Spikeball is one of Kyle and I’s favorites! Corn hole is also becoming a family favorite. We will definitely be playing a lot of that this summer!

Let’s talk food! When I think classic barbecue food I think of hotdogs and hamburgers which, in my opinion, never gets old!

But for those who want to spice things up, here are some other great ideas!

  • street tacos. We made these the other week and they were a huge hit! We grilled marinated steak and chicken. We also grilled the tortillas! Chips, salsa and guacamole were the sides. Guys, it was so good!
  • Grilled chicken wings. We had a bbq at our friend house and they made these! We paired it with sweet potato fries, salad and chips! It was so delicious!
  • Kabobs. I am a big fan of kabobs! For Kyle’s birthday this year, I made fruit and brownie kabobs. They were so cute! For a barbecue I would love to try veggie and chicken kabobs but really any meat, veggie or even fruit would work. Here are some that I’ve pinned to try this summer:

Happy grilling!



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