Christmas 2018

We celebrated Oliver’s first Christmas & our first Christmas as a family of 3!!

We decided to celebrate on our own a few days before Christmas because we were heading down to Arizona for two weeks for the break. We really wanted to start some of our own traditions and share this special time as a family. So Dec. 20th we all woke up at 6am. And no it wasn’t because Oliver decided to wake up early. And yes I might be a little crazy. BUT I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH!!! Kyle made homemade cinnamon rolls and while they baked and the sweet smell of cinnamon filled our tiny apartment, we watched our sweet boy chew on the wrapping paper of all the presents.

Once we finally revealed the gifts for him, he was pretty excited! We decided that we wanted each gift to represent something. For example each year he will get three gifts, one that focuses on a hobby that he likes, one that focuses on something active or physical, and something that is educational or takes some brain power. We decided on three gifts because that is what Jesus got, and since it is His holiday, we want to focus on Him as much as we possibly can.

We also decided we wanted opening presents to be kind of a game! So on each gift, we write a reason why we love the person by saying what made us think to give them that gift. We really felt that would help bring more of the Spirit of Christ to this aspect of Christmas.

In the background you can see some of the I love yous (& my hunky hubs baking)! Oliver got a drum set, to represent his love for banging on things 😂, a name puzzle to help him learn, and a train that he can drag around the house! Great grandma and grandpa also sent him some books! He really loaded up!

The holidays with a child are exponentially more exciting! Seeing the pure joy on his face about literally everything makes my every minute!

This holiday season was also home of a couple other firsts! Oliver’s first airplane ride, and his first Christmas party!

We had such a blast in Arizona! Both of our families live in Mesa so it is so nice to be able to see everyone when we go down, but it’ll be even better when we live there!! We are moving May 1st and I am only slightly excited…jk I wish we were moving tomorrow!! I CANT WAIT!!!

We loved all the time spent with family over the holiday and it makes me ache for next year when we can do it all again!



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