Life with a 9 month old

Our little busy bee is becoming more and more mobile! He stands & squats all on his own now! He crawls so fast I can barely keep track of him! He took his first solo step last Friday but has yet to try again without assistance, but boy is he getting quick when he is holding mama or daddy’s hands!

He was like a little celebrity at church last Sunday walking down the halls with mom and dad at each side! He had friends and neighbors in awe cheering him on! I know he won’t remember, but what a special moment for us! That’s my boy!!

He loves to eat! His favorite foods are beets, graham crackers, yogurt and peas but he really will devour any and everything! And he makes such an adorable mess while he does it.

He loves to follow us into the bathroom and get into all the goodies hiding out in the cupboards. We have recently become better at keeping the door shut at all times.

His favorite toy is anything mom or dad is holding and the kitchen utensils. He could bang those on the ground all day! It’s helpful when I am trying to get dinner prepared! Haha.

Last night he slept 12 hours and I’m really hoping history will repeat itself in this case! He is the best snuggler (sorry ky!) and could win a staring contest any day of the week! He loves to babble and say dadda…maybe someday he will grace us with a mama. I have not given up yet! He laughs when I ask him if he wants more and we are still trying to teach him baby sign language.

Bath time is a blast! He splashed all over and stands up and sits down non stop! He keeps us very busy, and active. I just might loose the baby weight faster than I thought.

For whatever reason he is really into chewing everything and by everything I mean anything made out of paper. We are talking books, magazines, instructions, letters, even homework! So for now our book shelves are bare and all the books are stashed away in the high shelves. Sooo strange. Maybe he is trying to take literally “you are what you eat” 😂

He gets cuter by the minute with that big gapped-tooth smile and bright eyes. He is our world and we adore every minute of this stage! My baby is becoming a child! How did this happen!?!



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