Summer 2019 Recap

This summer has been NUTS. And even that feels like an understatement.

In April Kyle graduated BYU and that very weekend we finished packing our little apartment in Orem, loaded our moving truck and drove the 12 hours to Arizona. Oh and did I mention I was 10 weeks pregnant at this point and suuuper sick, enough to land me in the ER over night.

That next week Kyle started work at a Pediatric dental office in Mesa. We left most of our stuff packed up while we stayed with Kyle’s parents for 2 months. In the meantime my mom kept me very busy helping plan Kaylee’s wedding and get Jordan ready to leave on a full-time mission.

In June Kaylee and Justin got married in the Gilbert temple. It was a beautiful sealing, even more so for our family because all 6 of us kids, spouses, and my parents were in attendance.

A few weeks later, on my birthday no less, Jordan left for his mission. Kyle and I got to see him the morning he left for the airport and he was absolutely beaming. What an amazing kid. Spending the summer with him made it even harder to say goodbye for 2 years.

Then just a couple days later, Kyle, Ollie, and I once again loaded up our stuff to move into our apartment on the west side of Phoenix. Exhausted comes to mind when I look back at this summer. So you are probably thinking they same thing we were thinking last week…WE NEED A BREAK!

We decided to go to Vegas for a few days and then drive down to Newport Beach and meet up with Kyle’s family for a few days. Ollie was on cloud nine the whole trip. We played games, saw a circus show, went bowling (his first time), shopping, to the beach, the the fair, to the park, and ate the most amazing food. We really did it all! By the end of all this, I was ready for my vacation from the vacation! And Oliver was ready for the vacation to never end!

Oliver playing his favorite game in Vegas

We had a blast and made some great memories together! Bring on Dental School!!



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