A day at the Farmer’s Market

This was our first time at the Phoenix Farmer’s Market! Actually Any Farmer’s Market for that matter. We had such a fun time…well up until Ollie got too hot & needed a nap…which was about 30 minutes into it #momfail But other than that it was great! We left with tons of fresh veggies, fruit, eggs & bread.

We scored the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever had. That immediately I knew belonged on a sandwich, where they could really shine. Which they did. I made a simple tomato sandwich on sourdough bread with mayo, salt & pep, and dried oregano. OMG! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

We also tried cactus fruit, which you think would be this bold tangy taste but really it just tastes like a cucumber. And even that might be pushing it on flavor. Ky is excited to make jam out of it.

Ky loved the jujubes! He loved them so much he ate almost all of them in one day! Ollie’s favorite were the plums. Yes they are also a “were” because every time I opened the fridge he would grab one out and shove it in his mouth. Is there anything cuter than a baby eating whole fruit!? I love his love for all fruit. I mean seriously you would think I was feeding him ice cream or something with how much he loves it! Blueberries are the worst. I have to cut him off some days so he doesn’t make himself sick.

I don’t know if I can say what my favorite was. The tomatoes were obviously amazing, the squash and brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes were incredible. I just can’t choose. Why does knowing that food is local and fresh make it so much better??

All in all, I am BIG FAN of Farmer’s Markets and I think everyone should go! The end. They are fun, get you out of the house, allows you to try new things and get to know your city. Win win win.



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