Gallery Wall how-to

Moving into our new apartment, I knew I wanted to jump on that gallery wall train! So I enlisted my trusty partner in crime & we got to work!

Here’s how we did it!

1) Gather/ pick out your frames. I wanted frames of all different sizes, shapes & textures. We had been collecting frames for awhile. Some we got at thrift stores, others at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Believe it or not we even found the smaller ones at the thrift store! I wanted them to either be white or gold. I also found I liked the look of different shapes on the wall. So we found 2 round pieces to add in. One we got for our wedding & one we found at Goodwill.

2) Pick out your pictures. This took us foreverrrr! Literally longer than it did to hang everything. We had so many pictures to choose from! I ultimately ended up going with warmer toned photos that had similar color schemes. I love how it looks on the wall!

3) Measure the wall. We measured how big we wanted our gallery wall with a measuring tape & then laid it out on the ground. Then we spaced out the frames on the ground so we got it exactly how we wanted it. We took note of how far apart each frame was frame the ones surrounding it.

4) Get to hanging! When I worked at Osmond Designs, I enlisted Kyle to help me with some model homes & he proved to be the best picture hanger! Lucky me! He hung all the pictures perfectly!!

5) Show off your beautiful, more completed home!! Seriously why is it that hanging pictures makes a home feel more officially yours? I love it!

I have also seen people cut out squares of paper the size of your pictures, & then using those squares to make a lay out on the wall. I think that method works just as well as mine.

Happy hanging!



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