4 EASY tips to grow your hair!

This is a tale of two heads of hair. One very dry, damaged, brittle mop of hair, if you could call it that. & one long, healthy, perfectly colored head of hair.

Unfortunately for me, my hair was the former. I’m a long time bleacher & hot tool user, with chronic dry scalp. When I moved to Utah things only got worse. The dry, cold air slowly sucked the life from every single hair follicle on my head, & I’m not even being dramatic. 😏I had always loved my hair & started looking for ways to restore it. There were {are} many hair products & shampoos that claimed to be the answer I was looking for, yet I was hesitant to pull the trigger on any. They were soooo expensive & how could I know what would really work??

I needed an affordable kickstart to resurrect my once bouncy, blonde hair.

One day while sitting in my parents kitchen, it dawned on me. My mom has the most glorious hair. It’s long & full & healthy & the perfect color! As I was envying her, like I do most days I’m around her, I had to know her secret!

What she told me was so ridiculously simple, I thought there was no way that was it! So I had to give it a try!

4 months later & I still can’t believe how great my hair looks & how stinking easy it is to implement!!! & affordable! Did I mention affordable??

Without further ado, I present to you the 4 easyyyy tips to grow your hair & keep it healthy or better yet, “Mom’s secrets to Amazing hair”

*drumroll pleeeeeease*

1. Stop washing your hair so much! She told me she only washes her hair twice a week! She doesn’t use the fanciest, hair growth yadah yadah whatever shampoo. I’ll even give you a better example, I use suave. If it doesn’t get any more basic than that, I don’t know what does.

2. Use Moroccan Oil after every wash. I lather two pumps through my hair while my hair is still wet & then let it air dry. I put it from the roots to the very tips, really trying to get that goodness on every inch of my hair. I linked the exact one that I use. It’s a little pricey but worth every penny & lasts forever! Plus it’s the only product you need to start with!

3. Stop brushing your hair. She said she combs her fingers through her hair if it seems tangly but that’s it. I’ve done the same thing with no problem. I do use a comb to set my part some days and a brush to put my hair up occasionally but that’s all. No constant brushing or combing on the reg for us.

4. Pack in those greens! My mom said she noticed the absolute biggest change when she tripled in leafy green intake. I’ve since added tons of spinach to smoothies & salads and noticed how healthy & strong my hair has become. Food really is medicine to all parts of our bodies! Give it the good stuff!!

These are the main 4 that we use & live by but there are also more ways to keep that hair strong, long & healthy. Use a heat protectant when using heat on your hair, staying away from heat, get regular trims, bleach with caution etc. I should also add I have gotten highlights since implementing these tips & have still seen amazing results!!

I’d love to hear about your hair journey! Don’t forget to comment!



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