What’s in my diaper bag? MUST HAVES

One of my biggest downfalls is that…I CAN NOT pack light! At this point I think it’s an actual condition I may never get resolved! Buuuut can you really blame a girl for wanting to be prepared!?

I have a toddler now, and my diaper bag resembles that. Although there are still many similarities in what I carry around now, and what I carried around a year ago. diapers, wipes, food, and a change of clothes are just a MUST for any chance at sanity when leaving the house for any toddler or baby. Some of this other stuff is just super nice to have and make life a little easier.

For my official diaper bag review, click HERE!

So let’s get started!

Here’s my official list:


Diapers: I always carry at least 3. Not too many but enough Incase someone decides to poop up a storm while we are out and about.

Wipes: I try to carry a whole pack with me at all times. I use these for more than just diaper changes. It’s nice to have to wipe off shopping carts, clean faces & hands, and wipe up whatever other mess that might come your way.

Changing Pad: I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a bathroom and there is no changing station. And even if there is a changing station, it’s not well kept or who knows how sanitary it is!? I absolutely LOVE that my diaper bag came with a changing pad and an easily accessible pocket to keep it in.

Change of clothes: Kids are messy and sometimes unpredictable. I never regretted having a change of clothes with me. Whether it was just a messy lunch and a quick short change or a major blowout and a complete outfit change, I was glad to have it!

Diaper Rash Cream: On long car rides, it’s hard to get those diapers changed as often as you like, so it’s nice to have this on hand to keep those little bums free of rashes or redness. Even on short trips I’ve always loved having it just in case!

Snacks: If you have been to literally any store with a toddler, you know how difficult it can be to keep them occupied without causing a huge scene. Snacks have saved my butt so many times! It keeps them busy, happy, and quiet! Big #momwin. Ollie loves popcorn and craisins/raisins the most!

A drink: For baby this could mean a bottle and formula or for a toddler just water. I like to carry around a mini water bottle with a straw. It doesn’t leak in my bag and is easy to drink from.

Toys: I like to hide toys away in my bag so when we go out it feels like something special and different than what he gets at home. I like to pack toys that are small but interesting like fabric slinkies, cars, or interactive blocks.

Books: My little boy loves books! For my baby shower I got a set of Erik Carle books that were tiny! Like fun size books! I didn’t quite know if I liked them until I realized that they are the absolute perfect diaper bag book! They are so portable that you can take multiple books without weighing down your whole bag! Packing a few keeps my little guy occupied in any setting.


Water: I have been much better at this (and seen the importance of) since getting pregnant and moving to the hottest state in the planet! I just keep a regular sized water bottle in my bag.

Tide To Go: okay, for real, am I the only one that literally spills every time I eat? I don’t know what it is but the belly really hasn’t been helping me these days! Sooo basically if you are a hot mess, like me, pack this in your bag!

Wet Wipes: I just really don’t like to be sticky or messy. I keep these to wipe down the car seat or stroller or pretty much anything that gets messy!

Headache medicine: I guess like everything, you just never know. I’m a big wimp when it comes to headaches or allergies so when I feel something coming on, I take something immediately.

Wallet: I think this is pretty obvious but you can’t shop till ya drop if you don’t have any money! 😂

Hand Sanitizer: when I lived in Boston, I became obsessed with hand sanitizer because I was always in and out of public transportation! I would go through bottles of it! I guess the habit kind of stuck! Plus it kind of comes in handy when people want to hold you baby all the time.

Chapstick & lotion: Dry skin comes with a price. For me that means always keeping chapstick and lotion with me.

That’s it for me! What do you keep in your diaper bags?



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