Diaper Bag Review

Having a diaper bag strapped to my shoulders has become an everyday accessory for me and my mama style, as I am sure is true for you mamas! There are so many cute styles, colors, and don’t get me started on brands. Do you choose what’s trendy? Is leather going to be better than cloth? How big do I actual need it to be?

If you haven’t had any of those questions yet, sorry I put them there! When I was first looking for a diaper bag, style out weighed functionality in all aspects. I wanted a diaper bag to be as cute as my little hand bags I had since carried around. So that was basically all I looked for. Now with a toddler and expected my second little nugget, functionality has VASTLY outweighed my want for style. Although style will always be important to me, finding what I need when I need it is non-negotiable.

I know I sound like a diaper bag expert by now. I thank you for that! However, I am just a mom who has finally realized what she wants. I know, I can barely believe it myself.

I started my diaper bag journey with an ultra cute brown, leather, trendy little backpack diaper bag. It was stylish. It went well with everything. It looked great in pictures. It fit a lot of stuuuuff in it. And it could easily be wiped down. That was about all it had to offer me.

I really didn’t realize how OCD I was until my little boy was born. I should back track that…I didn’t realize how OCD I was until I got married and that realization was dramatically heightened when we added a baby. Some day my boys will thank me for how organized and well kept everything must be…errr…maybe. Anywho, what were we talking about? That’s right, diaper bags! Like I was saying, organization. My previous bag felt impossible to keep organized. While it held a lot of things, there really was no way to keep things in their rightful place. When I would ask my husband to grab some Desitin out of the bag in the middle of a diaper change, he would end up throwing half the contents out of the bag onto the floor finding the Desitin just in time to watch the baby shower me, himself, and the carpet surrounding him in urine #boys. Let’s just say we were in desperate need of a better system.

The second downside to this beautiful leather bag was the leather. You would think leather would be so great and durable and yadah yadah yadah. I thought so too. But have you ever tried to put a bottle in or out of a leather pocket one handed? Because if you can, you need to audition for AGT right this minute! No questions asked! After a year of trying to master this artful skill, I still have yet to come out on top.

Third the worst. Is that still how it goes? Have you ever gone into a bathroom where there is absolutely no changing table. I didn’t even realize that this could possible be a thing until it happened to me. Not once, not twice but countless times. I would search in my bag for something to change my baby on with not much luck. Most times I would use the ground and an extra blanket I had packed. I didn’t realize how amazing it is to have a washable changing pad attached to your bag until I got my new bag.

Let me tell you a little about my new bag. First it was a Mother’s Day gift from the cutest hubby on the planet, so that will tell you something! I’m not kidding, though, this bag feels like the Rolls Royce of diaper bags. It has things I didn’t even know I needed, that now I can’t live without. We are talking insulted pockets, easy access pockets, attached changing pad, padded shoulder straps, a special wipes pocket, and SO MUCH ORGANIZATION!! I am in love with this diaper bag!

It makes changing diapers, feedings on the go, and clean up so effortless. It is a washable, easy to clean cloth that is so much easier to work with and way better at holding up its shape whether it is full or not as full…who are we kidding, you have kids! You bag is always going to be full!

I got her (yes she is a girl) at Buy Buy Baby but you can also find her on Amazon HERE.

Good luck out there mamas!



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