Fall Bucket List: Park Day

With the arrival of our new babe just weeks away, I want to get out of the house and into the nice weather as much as possible. Not just for my sake but to possssssible ease the mom guilt when Oliver has to be cooped up inside for a couple weeks.

With that being said, another one of our bucket list items is to visit a bunch of different parks in the area! I try to take Ollie to the park a few times a week and the past few weeks we have gone to a lot of different ones! It’s such a fun way to get to know a new area, plus it helps me know which parks will entertain him for longer than 5 minutes! That information will come in really handy when I’m looking to fill a big part of our day!

I like to go in the mid morning to get a lot of energy out before nap time! I love to bring lunch or fun snacks and water bottles to make it feel like more of an event. It also helps both of us stay happier longer! Oliver’s favorite snacks right now are craisins and pretzels.

Here is a list of the parks that we LOVE in the Mesa, Gilbert & Phoenix Area (in no particular order.)

  • Freestone Park- Gilbert
  • Dos Lagos Park- Glendale
  • Foothills Park- Glendale
  • Founders Park- Queen Creek
  • Mesa Riverview Park- Mesa
  • We also love driving around different neighborhoods and finding smaller parks there.

What do you do with you littles?? What parks would you add to this list?



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