Fall Bucket List: Roadtrip

Preparing to give birth over the holidays has kind of turned me into a crazy person! I literally NEED to do ALL of the things! Halloween party? I’m there! Pumpkin Patch? Let’s go! Roadtrip? Okay!

So last weekend after a service project at the school, we loaded our car and we were off. My sister and her family live in Tucson, Arizona and they just welcomed a new baby a few weeks ago! I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet him while he was still little!! And I’m so glad I did!

We had such a fun time! Especially Oliver! I worry for Oliver in social setting because sometime he is so shy and hanging on my leg the whole time. Other times he is Mr. Independent and doesn’t even look over to see if I’m still there 😂. He doesn’t see these cousins all the time so I was anticipating having a very clingy toddler all weekend. But you guys, he did so good!! He was just one of the kids! It made my mama heart so happy to see him and the other kids playing so nice together, including one another! I could’ve watched them all play forever.

On the agenda we had a Boo-fest at the park by there house. There were bounce houses and vendors giving out candy and a costume parade! Oliver got to experience Trick or treating for the first time! He didn’t quite get the concept but loved the candy! And so did we! Best part of Halloween with a kid is for sure the candy reward! We all dressed up in our costumes and headed over! Everyone’s costumes this year were beyond amazing! And believe it or not, almost all of them were homemade!

The next day we decorated pumpkin sugar cookies! It was a mess but so fun and so yummy!! Oliver ate his cookie before we were even done decorating! Silly boy is just like his daddy!

After lots of chatting, we loaded up the car and headed home! It was only a short 2 hour drive, which also made this Roadtrip my favorite. I just think anything longer than 5 or 6 hours in the car is pushing it for me! All those road trips down from Utah burnt me out!!

This weekend was just what I needed!



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