New Family Tradition

I think it’s really easy especially around the holidays to get stressed and really busy and just let time get away from you. Kyle and I didn’t want our holidays to end up that way. As a parent we have this amazing opportunity to create magic for our kids but more important than that, to give them a sense of identity and belonging. Traditions are a great way to do that.

My family traditions growing up looked different throughout the years but the foundation always stayed the same. We always decorated our tree as a family. Sometimes it was a real tree and sometimes it was fake. We always served together. I remember making fruit baskets for our neighbors in need or spending hours making or thinking about the perfect gift for my sibling. These traditions brought me so close to my family and created such a safe place for me. My siblings and parents are some of my best friends and people I am excited to be around!

Kyle and I wanted that for our kids. This year we decided one of our tradition would be going out and doing something fun and festive as a family. This year it looked like picking out a Christmas tree, getting hot chocolate and donuts. We went to three different lots looking for the perfect tree…and the most well priced 😉. Oliver loves running through the trees and touching everything! It was hard to get him to leave! After the second lot we stopped by Bosa Donuts, a local favorite, to distract Oliver from the fact that we had one more lot to look at!

I’ll admit there was whining and people getting upset, but I would do it again and again because when I look back on that day I remember the excitement on Oliver’s face when we brought in our real Christmas tree. Or how happy he was that he got to pick out his own donut. Even the excitement and love I felt to spend undivided time with the people I love most.

This year we also drove through different neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music! It was a blast and Ollie loved it!

Kyle and I talked about a lot of other things that we are going to do as the boys get older. I’m so excited! I’m a big advocate for living intentionally and parenting intentionally because of the importance that everyday brings.

One day my boys will look back on Christmas and when they do I hope it makes them so happy and reminds them of being together as a family and being a little more Christlike.



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