First Cold of the Season

This week our little J hit two weeks, did tummy time for the FIRST TIME, his cord fell off, he got circumcised aaaaand he got his FIRST cold. What a week to be alive, huh?

Oliver never got sick as a newborn, actually in general. This might be his second cold he has ever had. So this was totally new territory for me and it was terrifying. My days were spent taking Jesse’s temperature every hour and cluster feeding him. My nights were spent with those blue snot suckers doing their job to help him breath while on his back. Most of the time I had to hold him.

Our sleep…my sleep, was basically non existent all week. I am honestly truly amazed at how much a person can actually function while running on no sleep. Obviously I did not attempt to drive or even leave the house. And to be totally honest, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even take my hair down from it’s messy bun for 3 or 4 days! I did brush my teeth, though! As well as keep 3 humans alive! So I call that a win!

Having a baby in the winter is so stressful! Having a baby during the winter holidays, well that’s next level. Not only do you have to worry about all the germs and cold and flu viruses running ramped but you also have deal with the crowds of people out shopping. And if you are anything like me, you’ve been waiting for these hectic months for months. All the shopping, lights, and Christmas parties sing out your name but you know it’s not a good idea so here you sit, quarantined in your house. Letting it all pass you by.

Okay rant over. I’m getting a little dramatic, my new mom hormones are making their debut!

So here are the positives! My recovery has been UH-MAZING due to all this down time! I have gotten to snuggle with my boys and watch lots of Christmas movies. We have baked and decorated tons of sugar cookies! My hubby has gotten lots of time off of school due to the holidays! Family has been coming into town, which means more help with the baby! There are so many pros. It’s easy to get caught up in the “can’ts.” I’m remembering, though, that this stage is sooo short.

So here’s to wishing cold & flu season wasn’t a thing! And to snuggling babies!



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