The Goods Doughnuts Review

If you are in Carlsbad area and LOVE soft yeasted donuts with tons of gourmet flavors and melt in your mouth glaze, look no further!

We tried a a variety of donuts to really get a good feel for this place! We got a Nutella filled, triple berry filled, frosted sprinkle, funfetti, maple bacon, and vegan churro donut. All of them were delicious and true to their flavors! The vegan donut was more of a cake donut consistency and had a nice chew to it. The funfetti donut had actual cake on top which unfortunately dried out. That donut was probably our least favorite. Our favorite, though, was definitely the triple berry filled donut topped with powdered sugar and fresh berries!! It was sooo fresh! The berries were sweet but not too sweet. The dough was fluffy and soft. My mouth is literally watering as I write this!

This is my favorite donut shop we’ve been to so far but Kyle says he still likes City Donuts the best. City donuts are found in Newport Beach.

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