How-to Throw a Party in a Small Space

This January, we had 27 people over in our tiny 900 square foot apartment to celebrate our little Jesse! You heard that right, 27 people! Half of which were children! We have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, and living room. Believe it or not it wasn’t as crowded or hectic as you might think!

Kyle and I love throwing parties! As fun as it is to throw a party in someone else’s space, there is something so thrilling about inviting people into your own home! Our dream home is definitely planned around the parties we would throw in it!

This party felt no different! This was the first time we had done anything like this, since we’ve always been in tiny apartments. This one has two bathrooms, however, we thought we could get away with it!

This particular event was for Jesse’s baby blessing. We first had everyone meet at our church building to watch and participate in Jesse’s blessing. Kyle gave him such a beautiful blessing. Then we had everyone come to our apartment for lunch!

I really believe everything wouldn’t have gone as smoothly if I wouldn’t have followed these few simple tips.

  1. Separate the food so not everyone is crammed in one spot. I put the main dishes on a table across from the dessert and drink table. This also made it so I didn’t have to use such big tables.
  2. If your inviting children, designated a certain spot for them. I gathered up all the toys in our house and put them in Oliver’s room so the kids wouldn’t be running around everywhere.
  3. Move unnecessary furniture out of the way. We have an ottoman and extra chairs that we moved into our bedroom so it would open up more space in the gathering areas.
  4. Open windows, turn on fans and if necessary, open doors to the outdoors. The light makes it feel bigger than it is. It also makes it feel less stuffy, with the fresh air coming in and the fans moving it around.
  5. Invest in decorations that can hang on the wall. This will keep extra space open but still allow you to accomplish a theme or add some fun “accessories” to your party!

Just because you are living in a smaller space, doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome party! Hope this helps!



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