Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts!

Where are men so hard to shop for? Is it that they only have expensive taste or most the things they like can’t be wrapped? Or how about that they always end up buying everything they want anyhow? Either way it can be challenging! Over the years, however, I’ve come up with a pretty list of FOOLPROOF gifts that the father figures in your life will love!

#1 Amazon Echo

This is a pricier gift depending on which one you go with but a big win! We recently got my mom the Echo Show for Mother’s Day and her and my dad LOVE it! It has so many uses that appeal to everyone! You can play music, watch recipes, video chat, have a photo slideshow, watch sports games & more! They have echos for the car even!

#2 Stance Socks

I know, I know, this seems like the boring old gift that you’re trying to avoid but these are different! These socks literally have a rip warranty! If they get a hole in them, they will replace it! I don’t know about you but my boys wear down socks like nobody’s business! But that’s not all. They have such fun designs including their favorite sports team! Ky loves them!

#3 Walmart Lounge Set



Okay this one might be a little more for the women then for the men (because it’s so dang cute) but Ky really does love this! It’s affordable, stylish, and comfortable!

#4 Jersey/ T-shirt

The men in my life are BIG sports fans. They always love a t-shirt or jersey of their favorite team! If they are not a sports fan you could always go for something representing their favorite hobby or band! I’ve gotten my dad motorcycle shirts and a Pink Floyd shirt.

#5 Movie Night Bundle

Shhhh don’t tell Ky, this is his gift this year! We picked a movie Ky has been wanting to see for awhile and then filled a popcorn bucket with all his favorite candy and popcorn! It’s like an experience and a gift in one! Win win!

Of course Father’s Day isn’t all about the gifts but these men do deserve to be celebrated. Fatherhood is a tough gig! Other than gift giving we like to make yummy desserts and a big breakfast to celebrate. What do you like to do to celebrate?

Xoxo, Tay

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