Social Media vs Me

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the negative effects of social media. The perfectly portrayed lives, the judging, the comparing, and the inevitable self-doubt. Why do we torture ourselves like this? Now we don’t even have to know the Jone’s to try and keep up with them! From the comfort of ourContinue reading “Social Media vs Me”

2017 recap

Ohhh 2017. How can it already be the end? This year has been my favorite so far! I actually think this will forever be my favorite year! From getting married, starting new jobs, visiting so many new places, and getting pregnant! This truly was the year for BIG firsts! So here’s the recap of theContinue reading “2017 recap”

Thanksgiving Recap

Since getting pregnant, I have been LITERALLY dreaming of thanksgiving dinner. Warm rolls, fluffy potatoes, creamy gravy, and hearty stuffing! Everything about Thanksgiving is my favorite. Cheesy, but true. I love being in the kitchen cooking with the people I love. I love watching the Macy’s day parade (even though I missed it this year!)Continue reading “Thanksgiving Recap”