Slapfish Review

HEY ALL! We have a great review for you today! It’s about a spiff and spunky new seafood joint in Lehi, Utah called Slapfish. What a “catch”y name right? So before we start treading into deep water for this review, we do have one warning. The fish itself is pretty good, but don’t expect itContinue reading “Slapfish Review”

Roadtrip to Las Vegas (LDS style)

Sorry we haven’t written in awhile! We were roadtrippin! Our first roadtrip! I don’t know how we have lasted the eight months without one! I love road trips for a few reasons. #1. You get to eat all the junk food with little to no guilt 😉 #2. You get to spend every second stuckContinue reading “Roadtrip to Las Vegas (LDS style)”

The Chemistry Between Us: How Differences Make Us Stronger

Hey Guys! Kyle Here. Let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read this post! I can’t guarantee that you will walk away from reading this feeling inspired, enlightened, and uplifted, but you might, and that is worth my time, and it should be worth yours as well. I’ve recently beenContinue reading “The Chemistry Between Us: How Differences Make Us Stronger”