How to: Clean Hard Water Stains 

Today marks the day that a little lemon changed my life. I never thought I would see the day.  WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, CLEAN HARD WATER STAINS.  yes. Do it. Then start a group text with all your lady homies & then conquer the world.  So I had this mirror & light fixture &Continue reading “How to: Clean Hard Water Stains “

Dough Co Review

Have you seen those videos on Facebook of the New York cookie dough scoop shop!? It looks INCREDIBLE & has us drooling for days! Our torment was over when we realized a similar scoop shop opened just 45 minutes away from our house!  So we do what an sugar-a-holic would do. WE JUMPED IN THEContinue reading “Dough Co Review”

10+ gifts for the most important men in your life! 

This is a special Father’s Day for us because we have extra Dad’s to celebrate! We live out of state, but we still wanted to make them feel special. We decided to send out our favorite popcorn-BOOM CHICKA POP- with an award on it that says, “best POP ever.” We included a thank you cardContinue reading “10+ gifts for the most important men in your life! “

Redefining Stress: A Model for a Balanced Life

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing our ideas with your friends and families. It’s a great feeling knowing that our work is making a difference, even a small difference, in the lives of other people.   I’m going to write about something that I’m sure all of usContinue reading “Redefining Stress: A Model for a Balanced Life”

Slapfish Review

HEY ALL! We have a great review for you today! It’s about a spiff and spunky new seafood joint in Lehi, Utah called Slapfish. What a “catch”y name right? So before we start treading into deep water for this review, we do have one warning. The fish itself is pretty good, but don’t expect itContinue reading “Slapfish Review”

Roadtrip to Las Vegas (LDS style)

Sorry we haven’t written in awhile! We were roadtrippin! Our first roadtrip! I don’t know how we have lasted the eight months without one! I love road trips for a few reasons. #1. You get to eat all the junk food with little to no guilt 😉 #2. You get to spend every second stuckContinue reading “Roadtrip to Las Vegas (LDS style)”