First Cold of the Season

This week our little J hit two weeks, did tummy time for the FIRST TIME, his cord fell off, he got circumcised aaaaand he got his FIRST cold. What a week to be alive, huh?

Oliver never got sick as a newborn, actually in general. This might be his second cold he has ever had. So this was totally new territory for me and it was terrifying. My days were spent taking Jesse’s temperature every hour and cluster feeding him. My nights were spent with those blue snot suckers doing their job to help him breath while on his back. Most of the time I had to hold him.

Our sleep…my sleep, was basically non existent all week. I am honestly truly amazed at how much a person can actually function while running on no sleep. Obviously I did not attempt to drive or even leave the house. And to be totally honest, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even take my hair down from it’s messy bun for 3 or 4 days! I did brush my teeth, though! As well as keep 3 humans alive! So I call that a win!

Having a baby in the winter is so stressful! Having a baby during the winter holidays, well that’s next level. Not only do you have to worry about all the germs and cold and flu viruses running ramped but you also have deal with the crowds of people out shopping. And if you are anything like me, you’ve been waiting for these hectic months for months. All the shopping, lights, and Christmas parties sing out your name but you know it’s not a good idea so here you sit, quarantined in your house. Letting it all pass you by.

Okay rant over. I’m getting a little dramatic, my new mom hormones are making their debut!

So here are the positives! My recovery has been UH-MAZING due to all this down time! I have gotten to snuggle with my boys and watch lots of Christmas movies. We have baked and decorated tons of sugar cookies! My hubby has gotten lots of time off of school due to the holidays! Family has been coming into town, which means more help with the baby! There are so many pros. It’s easy to get caught up in the “can’ts.” I’m remembering, though, that this stage is sooo short.

So here’s to wishing cold & flu season wasn’t a thing! And to snuggling babies!



New Family Tradition

I think it’s really easy especially around the holidays to get stressed and really busy and just let time get away from you. Kyle and I didn’t want our holidays to end up that way. As a parent we have this amazing opportunity to create magic for our kids but more important than that, to give them a sense of identity and belonging. Traditions are a great way to do that.

My family traditions growing up looked different throughout the years but the foundation always stayed the same. We always decorated our tree as a family. Sometimes it was a real tree and sometimes it was fake. We always served together. I remember making fruit baskets for our neighbors in need or spending hours making or thinking about the perfect gift for my sibling. These traditions brought me so close to my family and created such a safe place for me. My siblings and parents are some of my best friends and people I am excited to be around!

Kyle and I wanted that for our kids. This year we decided one of our tradition would be going out and doing something fun and festive as a family. This year it looked like picking out a Christmas tree, getting hot chocolate and donuts. We went to three different lots looking for the perfect tree…and the most well priced 😉. Oliver loves running through the trees and touching everything! It was hard to get him to leave! After the second lot we stopped by Bosa Donuts, a local favorite, to distract Oliver from the fact that we had one more lot to look at!

I’ll admit there was whining and people getting upset, but I would do it again and again because when I look back on that day I remember the excitement on Oliver’s face when we brought in our real Christmas tree. Or how happy he was that he got to pick out his own donut. Even the excitement and love I felt to spend undivided time with the people I love most.

This year we also drove through different neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music! It was a blast and Ollie loved it!

Kyle and I talked about a lot of other things that we are going to do as the boys get older. I’m so excited! I’m a big advocate for living intentionally and parenting intentionally because of the importance that everyday brings.

One day my boys will look back on Christmas and when they do I hope it makes them so happy and reminds them of being together as a family and being a little more Christlike.



4 ways to get your toddler ready for a new baby!

We got asked A LOT while I was pregnant with Jesse, if Oliver was prepared. I couldn’t really answer the question until Jesse was born and now that he is here the answer is YES! It didn’t just happen though. We prepped Ollie everyday. And because of that, our little boys are adjusting quite nicely. I have these 4 simple tips to thank!

1. Talk about the baby. This one might seem obvious but it’s so important. Make the baby a part of the family and daily conversation before they arrive. With Oliver, this was easy to do once my belly started to really pop. We would show him where the baby was and then ask him to point to the baby multiple times a day. My husband and I would include Ollie in our conversations about the baby’s name. We asked what he thought the baby’s name would be and asked him when he thought the baby would come.

2. Show them what a baby looks like. Lucky for us, both my sisters had babies right before us! We went and visited them a few weeks after they were born and it was a great way to introduce Oliver to what a baby looks like and what they do. He was so cute when we showed him the babies, the rest of the day he would point to them and say, “baby!” We knew he was starting to understand. We also ready books and watched TV shows that had babies in them and be sure to always point out the baby. Soon enough he started pointing out the babies all on his own.

3. Let them know the game plan. When it was getting closer to the baby’s due date, we started talking to Ollie about where mom and dad would go when the baby was born and where he would go. We made sure he had a go bag ready of all the things that he would need but also things he was familiar with like his favorite books.

4. A gift from the baby. I wasn’t sure about this one when I first heard it but I thought we would try it! At 37 weeks I went to Target a picked up a little hot wheels car for Ollie from the baby. We didn’t wrap it or anything special, we just gave it to Ollie when we got home from the hospital with the baby. He really liked the car! I think this idea works a little bit better with older children. Since Oliver is only 19 months, he didn’t quite understand what a gift was.

I couldn’t have imagined a better transition, and I have these tips and months of preparation to thank! Oliver has accepted this new baby, is “soft” with him, and wants to interact with him. Every time Jesse makes a noise, Oliver will say, “BABY!” We let Oliver interact with the baby by giving him high fives and pointing to where his nose is! With supervision of course! We don’t let the boys be alone together but we also don’t try and keep them apart. We want them to be familiar with each other and to be close!

I think it’s also important to add that when you go from one kid to two, the spread of your attention is CRUCIAL! Your sweet little toddler has been the center of your universe their entire life and now, all of a sudden, they are not the only one needing your attention. Newborns take a lot of attention but I really believe involving your toddler can make the attention spread more evenly. Sometimes I’ll have Ollie hand me the wipes when I’m changing Jesse’s diaper or he will sit next to me when Jesse is eating.

Is there a tip that I missed? Leave a comment and let me know! How did you prepare your kids for another one?



Jesse’s Birth Story

This past week we welcomed our second child into the world! I was 40 weeks and 1 day when he was born and at that point, I didn’t think he would be coming anytime soon!

At 36 weeks I was dilated to 2.5 centimeters. The following week I had tons of contractions 5 minutes apart for an hour. We went into the hospital thinking little man was on his way only to have the contractions stop dead in there tracks minutes after arriving. Nice trick! The next day I have a doctors appointment and I had progressed to a 3. I thought FOR SURE that he would be here any day. Little did I know that I would sit at that three with no progress for 3 more weeks.

I continued to contract 3-4 times an hour for those three weeks. I was exhausted. At 38 weeks, Kyle started a week of final exams. I tried to do the bare minimum because I did not want to go into labor while he was in a test. And of course, since I was contracting and already at a 3, I kept everyone on high alert. Every time I would call my mom she would say, “is it time??”

That Friday Kyle finished his last test and I was ready to have the baby! That day I pushed Ollie around two separate grocery stores determined to get those darn contractions closer together. All I really did was cramp up my back and make my feet swell up.

At 39 weeks I bought an exercise ball and would bounce and bounce for hours during the day. I started taking raspberry leaf tea and went out everyday walking. Kyle would be out of school for the next 3 weeks so it was perfect timing to have a baby! But our little baby was not seeming to understand that! We went out to eat a lot this week. We went grocery shopping and stocked up our whole fridge with easy meals because of course the baby would be here this week. NOPE! I wasn’t able to meet with my doctor so I had to see the PA. I was so mad about it. I had her strip my membranes and schedule an induction date for my due date. A couple days later I get a call from the induction scheduler saying that the hospital was full and I could be induced that week and the next week my doctor was going out of town so if I were to be induced it would have to be by a different doctor. That did not help my mental situation. The plan was always to go into labor naturally but I was starting to feel so desperate. It’s funny how the last month of pregnancy can do that to you. I hadn’t even it my due date yet.

By 40 weeks I had had it! I hit my due date on a Monday and had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon. My mom was more hopeful than I, and came down to watch Oliver while ky and I went to the appointment. She was sure there would be good news. Well still no progression! But Kyle and I did get to have a little date afterward which was really nice! Ky and I stayed up til 11ish watching Smallville, our new favorite show, before going to bed that night.

At 1 am I woke up with both my hips throbbing and some pretty hard contractions. They were still too far apart but the pain was bad that I decided to take a bath to help me relax. I was still having them in the bath. I got out about 1:45 am and laid in bed scrolling through different social media platforms to try and get my mind off of the contractions, that were still hard but not close enough yet. I thought for sure this was going to be it because they had never been this hard before. At 3 am my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number and who would even be calling me at this hour? So I didn’t answer. They called 2 more times and finally left a message. It was the hospital saying they had a spot open up to be induced tonight but I had to be in by 4 am. Thinking I was already in labor and not wanting to risk being sent home, I said we would be there! I called my parents and they said they would be in there way to watch Oliver.

They got to our house a little before 4 am. Luckily we live 5 minutes from the hospital and the car was already loaded! We got admitted at about 4:30 am. I was still contracting and they were getting closer. The nurse checked me at 5 am after getting my situated and I was already at a 4.5! I knew I was in labor! By 6:45 am they started me on pitocin and I asked for the epidural.

The anesthesiologist came in about a half hour later and placed my epidural. I don’t remember it being so painful with Oliver! I asked for a small dose so that I could still feel my legs. With Oliver I was so numb I couldn’t feel anything and it made pushing soooo difficult.

I started to feel really nauseous at this point and started puking. My nurse gave me some medicine to help with the nausea. I then turned over onto my left side and use the peanut ball to get comfortable. I was so exhausted and the epidural was working great so I decided to take a nap. An hour later I woke up shaking so much! I started to feel some pressure and knew it was about time to start pushing. I asked the nurse to check me. She did and I was at a ten and it was about time!! I couldn’t believe it!! They called my doctor and he was headed over!

At this point it was about 8:25am. My doctor arrived about 10 minutes later and they started preparing the bed and get the right gear on. A few more nurses came in. I was still shaking pretty hard and Kyle was by my side helping me. I was so ready to push. I asked the nurse if I could start while everyone was still getting situated and she said I could. They kept saying I shouldn’t feel any pain just pressure. And that was true but the pressure was painful. Haha I don’t know how to describe it because it was like shooting pain or anything of the sort. It was definitely pressure but it was so intense I just kept saying “oh my gosh!! Ohhhh my gosh!” I pushed so hard, I didn’t want to stop because the pressure was so great! I remember my doctor kept asking if I could feel anything and I kept saying no which is so strange when I look back because I totally could feel him touching me. Haha! All the nurses and my doctor gave me the funniest, most concerned looks because of my reaction!

Then my doctor said, “one more push and he is here!” And he was! I pushed him out in about 10 minutes! He was born at 8:55 am November 19th, 2019. I had never seen a baby so purple in my life when they put him on me. The nurse didn’t let him stay long and quickly put him on the respirator. It felt like forever waiting for him to come back. He was on the respirator for 45 seconds. Then they weighed him and measured him before he finally came back to me. He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz and 22 1/2 inches long! We make BIG BABIES!!

He was perfect! He is perfect! 20 minutes after he finally came back to me, we tried breast feeding. He latched on like a champ and ate for an hour! It was my dream come true!

His labor and delivery was different than I expected but everything I could’ve hoped for! We love our little Jesse so much!



Halloween Costume Inspo

We are celebrating FOUR years of coordinating costumes over here!! Four years, I can’t believe it!!

In honor of this fun tradition, I am sharing them all in one place! If you are looking for ideas, keep scrolling down!

I did a little poll on Instagram, and this costume was a definite favorite!


Kyle and I had been dating for 3 months when we decided to put this costume together! This was the first time EVER I had done coordinating costumes with someone I was dating! It was such a big deal for me!! I would get on a daily basis how much I looked like Emma Stone. It became so much that I almosted started to expect it. When the Spider-Man movie came out, I knew I had to give it a try, I didn’t know I would find my perfect super hero to do it with me!!

My costume was really just pieces from my wardrobe. A white shirt, black vest, and black headband.

Kyle’s costume we got last minute off of Amazon. You got to love that Prime shipping!! We are thrifty college students, so you could definitely find better looking Spider-Man costumes at any party store, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.


Our next Halloween, I was 3 months pregnant and already sporting a tiny bump which pushed this costume really over the top! This costume when our neighbors all figured out we were pregnant!

I wore a red crop top, yellow pencil skirt and yellow tights. I put my hair in two buns to represent ears and filled in a circle on my nose with pencil eyeliner.

Kyle wore a tan hat, blue T-shirt and blue jeans with a sign the reads, “HUNNY.” Suuuuper simple!


Here we have Ollie’s first Halloween!! We were down in Arizona visiting family, when the idea for this costume came about. My mom and I were second hand shopping at Kid to Kid when we found this scarecrow costume. It was basically brand new and sooo cute. So of course we just had to get it.

I’m a big thrifter! But thrifting kids Halloween costumes in next level! Almost all of the ones we looked at were pretty much brand new and only a few bucks! JACKPOT!!

My costume and Kyle’s costume are both also thrift store success stories.

I wore a white dress, long white socks, red heels and a checked apron. All found at my local Savers (well except the socks because YUCK!) It definitely took more digging and I couple trips to find what we were looking for but like I said before, we are broke college kids so you do what you gotta do haha! The apron was actually a curtain that my neighbor helped me repurpose and my first successful sewing project!

Kyle is wearing a large brown sweater courtesy of our local Savers, brown pants, and a lion hat with connecting paws. Do you remember when those hats were so popular? Gooooood times!


This Halloween I wanted to take full advantage of my growing “basketball!” Kyle worked as a referee last year while we were still finishing our undergrad. With those two factors, this costume really did seem like a no brainer! The only thing left to put together was Oliver’s costume. That was no easy task! I really wanted him to be LeBron James, but there was no way I was going to fork over $20-30 for a jersey that he would wear one time. Sooo back to the thrift store I went! I looked high and low and finally, a week before our Halloween party, I found this Phoenix Suns jersey! I have no idea who the player is but it’s basketball, so it works right?? Lol! It was kind of serendipities that we found this particular jersey because my mom around the same time found matching basketball shorts! Bam! Costume finished!

My basketball is just an old T-shirt cut in half and drawn on with a sharpie.

Unfortunately, I honestly don’t have any idea where to find a ref outfit, but I assume Amazon has everything you could ever want.

I hope we can continue this Halloween tradition for many many more years to come! Look out next year for what we cook up!



Fall Bucket List: Roadtrip

Preparing to give birth over the holidays has kind of turned me into a crazy person! I literally NEED to do ALL of the things! Halloween party? I’m there! Pumpkin Patch? Let’s go! Roadtrip? Okay!

So last weekend after a service project at the school, we loaded our car and we were off. My sister and her family live in Tucson, Arizona and they just welcomed a new baby a few weeks ago! I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet him while he was still little!! And I’m so glad I did!

We had such a fun time! Especially Oliver! I worry for Oliver in social setting because sometime he is so shy and hanging on my leg the whole time. Other times he is Mr. Independent and doesn’t even look over to see if I’m still there 😂. He doesn’t see these cousins all the time so I was anticipating having a very clingy toddler all weekend. But you guys, he did so good!! He was just one of the kids! It made my mama heart so happy to see him and the other kids playing so nice together, including one another! I could’ve watched them all play forever.

On the agenda we had a Boo-fest at the park by there house. There were bounce houses and vendors giving out candy and a costume parade! Oliver got to experience Trick or treating for the first time! He didn’t quite get the concept but loved the candy! And so did we! Best part of Halloween with a kid is for sure the candy reward! We all dressed up in our costumes and headed over! Everyone’s costumes this year were beyond amazing! And believe it or not, almost all of them were homemade!

The next day we decorated pumpkin sugar cookies! It was a mess but so fun and so yummy!! Oliver ate his cookie before we were even done decorating! Silly boy is just like his daddy!

After lots of chatting, we loaded up the car and headed home! It was only a short 2 hour drive, which also made this Roadtrip my favorite. I just think anything longer than 5 or 6 hours in the car is pushing it for me! All those road trips down from Utah burnt me out!!

This weekend was just what I needed!



Fall Bucket List: Park Day

With the arrival of our new babe just weeks away, I want to get out of the house and into the nice weather as much as possible. Not just for my sake but to possssssible ease the mom guilt when Oliver has to be cooped up inside for a couple weeks.

With that being said, another one of our bucket list items is to visit a bunch of different parks in the area! I try to take Ollie to the park a few times a week and the past few weeks we have gone to a lot of different ones! It’s such a fun way to get to know a new area, plus it helps me know which parks will entertain him for longer than 5 minutes! That information will come in really handy when I’m looking to fill a big part of our day!

I like to go in the mid morning to get a lot of energy out before nap time! I love to bring lunch or fun snacks and water bottles to make it feel like more of an event. It also helps both of us stay happier longer! Oliver’s favorite snacks right now are craisins and pretzels.

Here is a list of the parks that we LOVE in the Mesa, Gilbert & Phoenix Area (in no particular order.)

  • Freestone Park- Gilbert
  • Dos Lagos Park- Glendale
  • Foothills Park- Glendale
  • Founders Park- Queen Creek
  • Mesa Riverview Park- Mesa
  • We also love driving around different neighborhoods and finding smaller parks there.

What do you do with you littles?? What parks would you add to this list?



Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch!

Last Saturday we took our little nugget to his first pumpkin patch! The entire week leading up to this day included the most gorgeous 80 degree weather. Of course the day we wanted to be perfect weather ended up being 100 degrees! To make matters a little more interesting, I didn’t even check the weather. So all three of us were wearing pants! Good one, Tay!

The farm we went to was so much fun! We went down to Mesa to meet up with some of my siblings at Vertuccio Farm. We had a sandwich picnic at the farm, saw some goats & chickens, road a cow train, ziplined, bounced on a giant trampoline, and checked out some pumpkins! There was so much to do! We actually didn’t even get to it all!

Other than the heat, and it being nap time, we all had a nice time! I will say, however, my favorite part was stopping by Sonic for an slushy afterwards!

Going to a pumpkin patch is such a fun way to get into the fall spirit!



Diaper Bag Review

Having a diaper bag strapped to my shoulders has become an everyday accessory for me and my mama style, as I am sure is true for you mamas! There are so many cute styles, colors, and don’t get me started on brands. Do you choose what’s trendy? Is leather going to be better than cloth? How big do I actual need it to be?

If you haven’t had any of those questions yet, sorry I put them there! When I was first looking for a diaper bag, style out weighed functionality in all aspects. I wanted a diaper bag to be as cute as my little hand bags I had since carried around. So that was basically all I looked for. Now with a toddler and expected my second little nugget, functionality has VASTLY outweighed my want for style. Although style will always be important to me, finding what I need when I need it is non-negotiable.

I know I sound like a diaper bag expert by now. I thank you for that! However, I am just a mom who has finally realized what she wants. I know, I can barely believe it myself.

I started my diaper bag journey with an ultra cute brown, leather, trendy little backpack diaper bag. It was stylish. It went well with everything. It looked great in pictures. It fit a lot of stuuuuff in it. And it could easily be wiped down. That was about all it had to offer me.

I really didn’t realize how OCD I was until my little boy was born. I should back track that…I didn’t realize how OCD I was until I got married and that realization was dramatically heightened when we added a baby. Some day my boys will thank me for how organized and well kept everything must be…errr…maybe. Anywho, what were we talking about? That’s right, diaper bags! Like I was saying, organization. My previous bag felt impossible to keep organized. While it held a lot of things, there really was no way to keep things in their rightful place. When I would ask my husband to grab some Desitin out of the bag in the middle of a diaper change, he would end up throwing half the contents out of the bag onto the floor finding the Desitin just in time to watch the baby shower me, himself, and the carpet surrounding him in urine #boys. Let’s just say we were in desperate need of a better system.

The second downside to this beautiful leather bag was the leather. You would think leather would be so great and durable and yadah yadah yadah. I thought so too. But have you ever tried to put a bottle in or out of a leather pocket one handed? Because if you can, you need to audition for AGT right this minute! No questions asked! After a year of trying to master this artful skill, I still have yet to come out on top.

Third the worst. Is that still how it goes? Have you ever gone into a bathroom where there is absolutely no changing table. I didn’t even realize that this could possible be a thing until it happened to me. Not once, not twice but countless times. I would search in my bag for something to change my baby on with not much luck. Most times I would use the ground and an extra blanket I had packed. I didn’t realize how amazing it is to have a washable changing pad attached to your bag until I got my new bag.

Let me tell you a little about my new bag. First it was a Mother’s Day gift from the cutest hubby on the planet, so that will tell you something! I’m not kidding, though, this bag feels like the Rolls Royce of diaper bags. It has things I didn’t even know I needed, that now I can’t live without. We are talking insulted pockets, easy access pockets, attached changing pad, padded shoulder straps, a special wipes pocket, and SO MUCH ORGANIZATION!! I am in love with this diaper bag!

It makes changing diapers, feedings on the go, and clean up so effortless. It is a washable, easy to clean cloth that is so much easier to work with and way better at holding up its shape whether it is full or not as full…who are we kidding, you have kids! You bag is always going to be full!

I got her (yes she is a girl) at Buy Buy Baby but you can also find her on Amazon HERE.

Good luck out there mamas!



What’s in my diaper bag? MUST HAVES

One of my biggest downfalls is that…I CAN NOT pack light! At this point I think it’s an actual condition I may never get resolved! Buuuut can you really blame a girl for wanting to be prepared!?

I have a toddler now, and my diaper bag resembles that. Although there are still many similarities in what I carry around now, and what I carried around a year ago. diapers, wipes, food, and a change of clothes are just a MUST for any chance at sanity when leaving the house for any toddler or baby. Some of this other stuff is just super nice to have and make life a little easier.

For my official diaper bag review, click HERE!

So let’s get started!

Here’s my official list:


Diapers: I always carry at least 3. Not too many but enough Incase someone decides to poop up a storm while we are out and about.

Wipes: I try to carry a whole pack with me at all times. I use these for more than just diaper changes. It’s nice to have to wipe off shopping carts, clean faces & hands, and wipe up whatever other mess that might come your way.

Changing Pad: I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a bathroom and there is no changing station. And even if there is a changing station, it’s not well kept or who knows how sanitary it is!? I absolutely LOVE that my diaper bag came with a changing pad and an easily accessible pocket to keep it in.

Change of clothes: Kids are messy and sometimes unpredictable. I never regretted having a change of clothes with me. Whether it was just a messy lunch and a quick short change or a major blowout and a complete outfit change, I was glad to have it!

Diaper Rash Cream: On long car rides, it’s hard to get those diapers changed as often as you like, so it’s nice to have this on hand to keep those little bums free of rashes or redness. Even on short trips I’ve always loved having it just in case!

Snacks: If you have been to literally any store with a toddler, you know how difficult it can be to keep them occupied without causing a huge scene. Snacks have saved my butt so many times! It keeps them busy, happy, and quiet! Big #momwin. Ollie loves popcorn and craisins/raisins the most!

A drink: For baby this could mean a bottle and formula or for a toddler just water. I like to carry around a mini water bottle with a straw. It doesn’t leak in my bag and is easy to drink from.

Toys: I like to hide toys away in my bag so when we go out it feels like something special and different than what he gets at home. I like to pack toys that are small but interesting like fabric slinkies, cars, or interactive blocks.

Books: My little boy loves books! For my baby shower I got a set of Erik Carle books that were tiny! Like fun size books! I didn’t quite know if I liked them until I realized that they are the absolute perfect diaper bag book! They are so portable that you can take multiple books without weighing down your whole bag! Packing a few keeps my little guy occupied in any setting.


Water: I have been much better at this (and seen the importance of) since getting pregnant and moving to the hottest state in the planet! I just keep a regular sized water bottle in my bag.

Tide To Go: okay, for real, am I the only one that literally spills every time I eat? I don’t know what it is but the belly really hasn’t been helping me these days! Sooo basically if you are a hot mess, like me, pack this in your bag!

Wet Wipes: I just really don’t like to be sticky or messy. I keep these to wipe down the car seat or stroller or pretty much anything that gets messy!

Headache medicine: I guess like everything, you just never know. I’m a big wimp when it comes to headaches or allergies so when I feel something coming on, I take something immediately.

Wallet: I think this is pretty obvious but you can’t shop till ya drop if you don’t have any money! 😂

Hand Sanitizer: when I lived in Boston, I became obsessed with hand sanitizer because I was always in and out of public transportation! I would go through bottles of it! I guess the habit kind of stuck! Plus it kind of comes in handy when people want to hold you baby all the time.

Chapstick & lotion: Dry skin comes with a price. For me that means always keeping chapstick and lotion with me.

That’s it for me! What do you keep in your diaper bags?