Colorado Travel Guide

This past weekend we discovered Colorado! It is the most gorgeous state. The mountains, trees, resorts, city, foood- just everything. We had a blast! It also helps that we have amazing family there! 

Our first stop was Grand Junction. This is a smaller town just off the border of Utah. It is HOT there! Which made it the perfect day to raft down the Colorado river! They have a lot of rafting areas (some more dangerous than others) but we wanted something chill. We got on in Junction and floated to Fruita. 

Our raft sprung a leak and that’s why we got off a little early! It was hilarious as we “sunk” down the river! People would tell us that our raft was loosing air and we just said, “Yeah, it is.” Kyle’s Aunt & Uncle live there and it was so fun to see them and hang out for awhile! 

Next stop was Silverthorne! 

 This is a resort town high in the mountains about an hour out of Denver. 10,000 feet up, to be exact! This was the moment in the trip where we literally couldn’t stop saying WOW! No joke, I have never seen so many Christmas trees in my whole life. They just lined the mountain on every corner. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.


We went on a nature walk with his Grandparents, who live there. 

They also showed us a sweet cafe where the locals eat called Sunshine Cafe. I like to think of myself of an eggs Benedict connisuer. This was the best that I’ve had. And they made it with fresh salmon! Winner winner chicken dinner! But with salmon 😏. 

Last stop was Denver! Oh Denver! I have a thing for city life! We road the train in from highlands Ranch (where his other aunt and uncle live. Yeah we have a lot of family!) to Denver! We took the train into union station! Union station is a fun hub. There are lots of restaurants and even a hotel right in the station. 

16th street mall is also a happening place! We didn’t have time to explore as much as we would’ve liked but there are street performers and lots of shops! 

We didn’t have time to do this but we hear you have to visit the US Mint right in Denver. They have free tours on the weekdays before three! We can’t wait to go next time! 

One of our favorite parts of the trip was seeing SHAWNY SHAWN (aka Shawn Mendes) in concert. Guys…he was incredible. He has the voice of an angel that I could listen to forever! 

If you are in Denver, you’ve got to catch a concert or a professional game! It’s such a blast! 

What would a travel guide be without the food!? Here are our favorites from our trip! 

Hopdoddy’s. Organic Burgers and fries! They were incredible! The burgers and salads were so unique and tasty! Well worth the money! 

Little Man Ice cream. You can tell a place knows what they are doing when there is a line down the block! That’s what this place looked like at 3 in the afternoon! The ice cream did not disappoint. It was phenominal! 

We also stopped by this local market, right outside of Union Station. They had handmade chocolate and pastries. 

We LOOOOVED Denver!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

How to: Clean Hard Water Stains 

Today marks the day that a little lemon changed my life. I never thought I would see the day. 


yes. Do it. Then start a group text with all your lady homies & then conquer the world. 

So I had this mirror & light fixture & bathroom faucet that was stained with hard water spots. I tried windex, scrubbing with soap and water, It wouldn’t budge. 

Then I did what anyone would’ve done in a situation like this- I turned to the DIY holy grail also known as Pinterest. All I could find was solutions for bath tub stains. I was uncertain if these formulas would be to much for a mirror. All the recipes I could find called for lemon and vinegar. I was a little nervous about the vinegar but I thought “how much harm could a little lemon do?!” 

So here are the steps that I did to reach glistening perfection (or close too.) 

1) I got a fresh lemon from my fridge, cut it in half. 

2) Rubbed the open side straight onto my mirror, faucet & light bulbs.

3) I then grabbed my scrub brush and went back through, just to make sure I had gotten everything.

4) After that I got a wet paper towel and washed the lemon off. I didn’t want to leave anything sticky! Bleck! 

5) I took a dry paper towel and dried everything off. I didn’t want to leave any water spots behind either!  

Here are my results:

Apparently lemon can do a WHOLE lot! Thank you Mother Earth! 

I’d love to hear your cleaning tips and tricks in the comments on this post! 


Kyle & Taylor 

Dough Co Review

Have you seen those videos on Facebook of the New York cookie dough scoop shop!? It looks INCREDIBLE & has us drooling for days! Our torment was over when we realized a similar scoop shop opened just 45 minutes away from our house! 

So we do what an sugar-a-holic would do. WE JUMPED IN THE CAR AND RACED ALL THE WAY THERE!! Obeying all the speed limits of course 😉. Let me tell you…it did not disappoint. 

It is called Dough Co. It is located on this cute little city street in downtown Salt Lake City. Walking up they have a selfie board- for all your selfie needs and chances to get free stuff! Heyo! Then you walk in to this really hip scoop shop. We have to rave about the staff because they were SO NICE & really patient as we tasted alllllll the different cookie dough flavors. Their flavors are so unique & flavorful. 

We got the classic chocolate chip & the maple bacon snickerdoodle. To. Die. For. 

Our review is 10/10 would recommend. We will be back! Thanks dough co! What unique places have you found recently?? We’d love to know!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

4th of July Fashion 

Is there anything better than fireworks, bbqs, warm weather, watermelon, family & good ole USA pride!? 

I love this time of year! It’s my favorite time of year, second to Christmas that is 😉. Ky and I rounded up some of our favorite apparel for this years 4th of July! 

Let’s start with something obnoxious…

Rompers are all the rage these days, so what could be better than a solid red romper!? Especially while the fireworks light up behind you! Lol! I walked out of our room in this outfit and Ky was like, “you can’t wear heels with everything!” The answer is yes, yes I can. & I will. 

Rompers are nice because you can dress them up or keep them casual. I’m a total thrift store junkie so this baby is one-of-a-kind. The shoes are TJ MAXX! ❤️

If this shirt doesn’t say American pride, then I really don’t know what does!! This was a yard sale gem that we just couldn’t let slip through our fingers! Heart eyes alllll day for this man in this shirt! 

Patriotic T-shirts and shorts are a great way to get into that holiday spirit & get a tan…unless you are me. Then you stay pasty all year. 

This is an entire thrift store outfit. Except the hat because #lice. I got these jeans and then everyone started coming out with these cute warn-out jeans so of course I had to cut the knees. Which actually made them way more comfortable. Double win!

 This outfit I love because it says festive without really trying that hard. It’s so subtle you could wear it any day. It’s casual and comfy! 

Plaid. OMG. I love plaid. & button ups. This is a little more dressy for the men but still playful. I love the bright patriotic colors. This is another one of those subtle outfits that can be worn any other day but totally works for the 4th.

 Jeans + a button up = outfit success

So there we were strolling down the aisles at target when ALL OF A SUDDEN I see this NASA shirt and I jumped for joy and bought it. From the men’s section. Without even trying it on. I know I know, not from the thrift store. It’s a really big deal 😉🙈. These shorts used to be pants until I got to hot and cut them off so now they are shorts. My only pair of shorts actually. What could be more American than space travel!? Lol. 

Well that’s all we got folks! Thanks for reading! We would love to hear your favorite places to buy festive clothing in the comments! As always


Kyle and Taylor 

10+ gifts for the most important men in your life! 

This is a special Father’s Day for us because we have extra Dad’s to celebrate! We live out of state, but we still wanted to make them feel special. We decided to send out our favorite popcorn-BOOM CHICKA POP- with an award on it that says, “best POP ever.” We included a thank you card in our boxes. 

Here are some other budget friendly ideas for both in state and out of state dads! 

1) Photo book. I love this idea because it’s something that they can keep forever! It’s sentimental & creative! Shutterfly Is a great place to get photo books. They are always running sales especially if you have their app! 

2) Breakfast in bed. You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! My husband is a total foodie. Homemade parfait, heart shaped waffles or their favorite food would be really cute and make them feel special! 

3) If you have kids you can take a picture of them holding a sign that says, “Happy Father’s Day” Or “I love you.” My sister’s family gave my parents that for Christmas last year and it really was the cutest thing! 

4) Sticky notes around the house saying all your favorite things about him. I’ve seen cute ideas like making the sticky notes into a heart and leaving it on the mirror in the bathroom. Or leaving the sticky notes in his books/briefcase/car/etc. 

5) Coupon book. My dad & husband love back rubs so I always include that in any coupon book I make for them. This is such a cute way to show that you love them and know what they like! It could include things like breakfast in bed or date night. 

We all know the classic Father’s Day gifts like a tie, watch, mug, wallet & dorky tee shirt. Well here are the best of these we’ve found PLUS a little extra! 

TIE– “tie one on” is our favorite tie place. They have the best prices and endless styles. The tie Ky were at our wedding was from here & we get compliments on it allllllll the time. 

WATCH– Arvo makes modern watches for His and Hers. How cute would it be to have matching watches!? We have never actually owned one of these watches but we totally have been eyeing these for quite some time! 

MUGS– moving in right next to target was probably a bad move. We are at target literally 4-5 times a WEEK! ❤️❤️ We are really into the Natural Boho look and these cooper mugs are perfect for that style. If that style isn’t you then no worries because they have tons of other super cute mugs. 

WALLET– Kyle got this last year and really likes it. This is perfect for the Dad that’s wanting to downsize their wallet. It’s called the minimalist wallet for a reason! 

Or the Ridge Wallet. Our brother-in-law has this one! It is another minimalist wallet but this one is made out of carbon fiber! 

TEE SHIRTS– I found this website a few years ago and I’m not kidding they have every quote you can think of on a tee shirt. This one, we thought was particularly cute! They have funny and sentimental ones for reasonable prices. 
Some other cute ideas could be a grill, grilling tools, or apron. You can find all these right on Amazon. (We kinda love Amazon if you can’t tell 😉🙈) 

It really is the thought that counts. We hope you and the amazing men in your life have a wonderful Father’s Day!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

Our Perfect Spring Wedding

April 27, 2017. 10:30am. Mesa, Arizona.


There is something so special about spring. Winter is gone and all this life springs forth. It’s a new beginning and now it will forever be ours.

Our day couldn’t have been more perfect. We were together & surrounded by the people we love most. That was all that really mattered. It also didn’t hurt that everything turned out just stunning.

We got sealed in the Mesa, Arizona temple by Kyle’s Grandpa. It was so beautiful. One thing that he said that we remember is Gratitude (for Groberg) and sacrafice (for Southworth). We have been trying to remember to always have gratitude for one another and to be willing to sacrifice for one another as well.


Here are some details of our wedding:

Colors: Blush pink, Navy blue & sparkles! Choosing the colors was a little tricky. I have always loved pink so I really wanted that to be one of the colors. I originally wanted black and green but Kyle wanted to wear blue. So blue it was! I think it is important to think about everyone in your party. I love how our pictures turned out because not only did we look good but EVERYONE looked good. Which inevitable makes the pictures turn out a lot better. I was going to put my bridesmaids in pink but having 3 red haired sisters, I knew that that wouldn’t be the most complimentary. So we went with navy instead. They all looked stunning! I also think it is important to think about the time of year you are getting married. We wanted something that complimented spring especially because the flowers we were using were spring flowers.

Theme: Vintage glam. We had a backyard wedding but we wanted to glam it up so it felt different than any other backyard event. We used lighted twigs, LOTS of greenery, a Marquee “Love” sign, and sparkles galore! My mom is the real hero. She took all my crazy ideas and brought them to life!

FOOOOD. Food was so hard for us to decide on. Do we want an actual meal, do we want just dessert? We went with just desserts. We wanted to just have really really good desserts. We had Cold Stone cater, a Dunkin Donut tower, gourmet sugar & chocolate chip cookies, & tarts.

Every wedding has something that goes wrong. Ours was the food. We had originally ordered Lemon, pecan pie, & chubby hubby bars along with the cookies. Unfortunately our baker thought our wedding was on Saturday instead of Thursday. So we got tarts instead. It was beautiful though. And we would have never known if no one would have told us!

Here’s a fun fact, Dunkin Donuts will custom make donuts for you in your wedding colors, fresh before your wedding. That was such a cute personal touch. To drink we just had a sparkling cider fountain and fruit water.

Luncheon. Rosa’s (Mexican Food!!). Some people have a rehearsal dinner but we decided to cram it all in in one day. It was definitely a full day but I am really glad we did it that way. The food was amazing and we got a big open room to where we could go around and chat with everyone. It was so fun to catch up with everyone that we didn’t have a chance to at the temple. Both of our Dad’s got up and said the sweetest thing to us as well as Kyle’s Grandpas.


Flowers. We actually made our own flowers. My mom, sisters & I all got together and made all the boutineers, bouquets & flower crown. I love being able to tell people that I made my own bouquet and Kyle’s boutineer. I found bouquets I like on Pinterest and then we googled each flower and ordered them from a wholesaler in Arizona.

Dress and Suit. I thought for sure that I wanted a tight dress, but when I started trying on dresses, it was the ballgown that I fell in love with. I would recommend trying on a good variety of dresses. I tried on about 10 dresses but ended up going with the second one I tried on! When you know you know! It also helped that my dress’s undertone was blush pink! I went to a small boutique in Orem, Utah called Avenia Bridal. They were so sweet & helpful & had an incredible selection. At first we were going to have Kyle wear grey but in our bridals it turned out looking tan. So we changed to Navy and I am so glad we did. He was (and is) a total stud. His suit was from Express. They gave us one killer deal!

Photo and Video. We had a hard time deciding whether to have a videographer or not. We like watching others videos but we figured we would pay all this money for this video that we would watch once or twice. Our photographer was Sara Ratcliff. She is phenomenal. We couldn’t be happier with our pictures. She did my sisters so we knew we loved her work!

Venue: Gather Estate Mesa, Arizona. We first were going to have our reception at our neighborhood clubhouse, then our backyard, & we finally landed on Gather Estate. It is this gorgeous, vintage home that has been renovated to be a reception center. It has this brides room that is just to die for along with a fully functioning kitchen and a huge backyard with a dance floor. We loved the kitchen to feed all the people helping to set up and store some of the food before the reception. The brides room was so nice to have to touch up make up and get back in my dress. We loved it.


Make-up & Hair: By yours truly. I will admit that I have trust issues when it come to these two things. I love watching hair and make-up videos and I do my make-up every other day so I thought “I can totally do this!” So I did. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was afraid it would make things kind of stressful but it actually didn’t.

Something borrowed: my veil. It was my sisters.

Something Blue: the garter. It has blue jewels on it.

Something old: My bracelet. It was my moms.

Something new: My dress. heart eyes all day long.


Writing this all down just brings back all the giddy feelings from that day. The best part is being married to my best friend, all the rest are minor details. We are so grateful to all the people that made our day so wonderful!


Kyle and Taylor




The Honeymooners

Hi. We are back.

The rumors are true…WE GOT MARRIED!! This post is a little out of order because we don’t get our wedding pictures back for a few more weeks but in the meantime! HONEYMOON.

We had the most amazing honeymoon. We vacationed in Huntington Beach as well as La Jolla, California. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees with a slight breeze. In Huntington we walked the beach but we did not get in the water! It was tooooo freezing! We walked down main street, went hot tubing, and ate and ate and ate. Why is food so much better in Cali!? Here’s where we stopped:

City Donuts-Newport. Go in the morning, the donuts are unreal.

Avila’s El Ranchito-Main Street. Huntington. I love there chili relleno but they are known for their soup, strange but amazing!

Coldstone because we love SUGAR!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory– Huntington. We got the pecan pie carmel apple and it was heaven on a stick. We went back for more but they were closed. They must’ve known we have a problem.

Islands Hamburgers- Westminster. This one is a West Coast chain, mostly just in Cali though. I love their bluenami burger. This joint is super fun. They do burgers and fish tacos.

Our next stop was La Jolla. We were just going to go to Huntington but then we decided to extend and I am so glad we did. We stayed at the cutest little Bed and Breakfast right off of the coast. It was called Scripps Inn. You seriously look out your window to the ocean. They are decorated all Cape Cod looking, which is total inspiration. There we just played on the beach, walked down downtown and stopped in all the cute little shops, went to the temple, explored and ate. What did you expect!? Here’s what we ate:

Deli-ilcious– La Jolla. We got the most amazing panini here. I am really going to attempt to make this at home because we both can not stop dreaming about it. It was a goat cheese panini. It had bacon, cheese, tomato and basil.

Hodad’s– San Diego. This place is by far THE BEST burgers and fries we have ever eaten in our life. Hands down. It is a funky little joint right off Mission Beach. We found this place on diners, drive ins, and dives. Thanks Guy! We liked it so much we went twice. Literally order anything. You can not go wrong.

We had such a great time. We feel like our love grew so much and continues to everyday. Three cheers for being in love and being married and the beach and foooood.


Kyle and Taylor

The Reason for the Season

I feel like the phrase, “the reason for the season” is something we hear a lot during Christmas time to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is so easy to get caught up in buying gifts and finding deals and throwing parties then remember the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. The same can be true of Easter.  As fun as decorating hard boiled eggs can be, it’s not going to change our life. The life, ministry, atonement, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will.

While I was at work, we were chatting about how Easter became about bunnies and hiding eggs. How did we stray so far from the true reason for this holiday season? I love the idea that these activities can bring us closer to the ones we love most but we musn’t forget the reason we celebrate, the reason we gather.

I would say the theme of Easter can be summed up in about two words.


I truly believe that Christ died for everyone of us, so that we can live again. Not only did He die but He rose from the dead and He truly does live now.

In an effort to bring the true meaning back to the holiday, I decided to surprise Kyle with a special Easter basket.

In the basket there were the classic array of eggs, fake grass, a card game, and lots of old fashion candy. Inside the eggs, however, is where things strayed from the “normal” basket.  In each egg I wrote either a quote about Easter or something that I loved about him. I really feel like doing this helped me be filled with more love and to remember my savior, Jesus Christ.

I hope we can all remember Jesus Christ on this special day and always.

#princeofpeace Check out some Easter videos here


Kyle and Taylor

Redefining Stress: A Model for a Balanced Life


Hey guys! Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing our ideas with your friends and families. It’s a great feeling knowing that our work is making a difference, even a small difference, in the lives of other people.


I’m going to write about something that I’m sure all of us have felt at some time during our lives: Stress. I’m going to attempt to redefine stress in a way that makes it more understandable and easier to manage. It is a general principle that you may apply anyway you wish, but I truly believe that the ideas I have to share with you today will revolutionize the way you do life.


When you think of what stresses you, what do you think of? It could be your studies, your work, your in-laws, or even your own thoughts. There are a whole stew of things that could potentially stress us out. (Note: my soon to be in-laws are amazing and do not stress me out at all. I love them all more than ice cream! And that’s saying a lot. I love ice cream). However, might I be so bold as to suggest that none of these things in and of themselves are stressful? Or at least, they shouldn’t be. In my mind, the stress comes when we let these and other things fall out of equilibrium with each other. Stress, therefore, can be redefined as a lack of balance in our lives. In order to illustrate my point, I’m turning to one of my favorite tools. Yep, you guessed it. It’s another chemistry lesson.


In chemistry many reactions proceed until they reach some point of equilibrium. Depending on what substances are used and what the environment around them is like, this equilibrium can be different for many reactions. This is the first connection I want to draw. Do not suppose that because your life isn’t the same as everyone else’s that you are somehow susceptible to more stress.  Everyone has different circumstances and activities that they need to juggle and balance. Everyone has a different “chemical reaction” and therefore has different points of equilibrium. Find the one that works for you.


Second, there is a principle in chemistry called Le Chatlier’s Principle, which can be stated as follows: “When any system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume, or pressure, then the system readjusts itself to (partially) counteract the effect of the applied change and a new equilibrium is established. Thank you Wikipedia. Allow me to demonstrate this principle with a very basic example. Imagine we have four different substances: A, B, C, and D. When we mix A and B together, we come out with C and D. However, A and B don’t completely disappear and C and D don’t completely form. They all are constantly in equilibrium, existing in different concentrations depending on initial concentrations, temperature, volume, and pressure. We can illustrate this example with this image:


A + B ⇌ C + D

Imagine now that we have a solution of this reaction in a container and that it has reached equilibrium. According to Le Chatlier’s Principle, if we add into the container more of substance A or B, it will compensate by producing more C and D. If we add too much C or D then the system will compensate by converting some of it back into A and B. This happens without fail, to the extent that each reaction can maintain its equilibrium.


↑A + B ⇌ C + ↑D (Balanced)

↓A + B ⇌ C + ↑D (Unbalanced)


Now for the fun part! Let’s draw some connections. Each of our lives can be thought of as a unique chemical equation like the one above. To keep things simple, let’s just say that Substance A represents your Faith/Religion/God and B represents your Family/Spouse/Friends. Substance C will represent your Work/Schooling and D will be your Hobbies/Recreation. Each one of us, when we are unstressed, will have healthy amounts of each substance in our lives.


Now what do you think will happen if we start adding too much of substance D or C in our lives? We become stressed. Remember Le Chatlier’s Principle. If the chemical system is stressed (unbalanced) then it will naturally adjust itself to counteract the result of the stress until a new equilibrium is established. It’s so simple it’s beautiful. If there is too much of something, it cuts it out; if there is not enough of something, it adds it in. Nature follows this course of action, so why shouldn’t we?



The problem is that most of us don’t. If we are experiencing stress we usually try to compensate by using methods that don’t work. Sometimes we don’t compensate at all. For example, if we are dedicating too much time to our hobbies and not leaving enough time for family, we may try to justifying our actions and not make any changes. This can lead to even more stress, and in extreme cases, broken hearts and broken homes.


So let’s put first things first. Let’s make sure our lives remain in balance. You’ll know when it’s not because you’ll feel stressed. Stress is simply the indicator that something in your life needs to be readjusted. When my life get’s out of balance I start to feel depressed, cranky, and tired. Generally, no one is happy when they are stressed.


However, stress can lead to growth. Sometimes chemists will stress the system by adding more of substance A into the mix, but only with the intent to produce more of substance C or D in our example above. A little stress in our personal life can lead to growth in other areas, but we always need to make sure that the equation balances out. The problem occurs when we remain unbalanced for prolonged periods of time or when we don’t give ourselves enough time for the important things in life. Consider this scripture from Ecclesiastes in the Bible. “There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven…” In short, there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. We hope that all of you can make time for the most important things in life. We also hope that you can find balance in your life. We aren’t experts on family life, or experts on success in the workplace, or even experts in chemistry and writing, but we do know that we are all humans, that we all get stressed, and that we all need to readjust from time to time to stay sane.


Wishing you well in all of life’s adventures:)




Taylor and Kyle



P.S. This article is an attempt at helping those who feel overly stressed understand the principle of balance and why it’s important. It is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list of all the possible ways to have a balanced life. We would love to hear your stories, experiences, and examples of how you personally apply this principle to achieve balance in a stressful world. Let us know in the comments below!

Slapfish Review

HEY ALL! We have a great review for you today! It’s about a spiff and spunky new seafood joint in Lehi, Utah called Slapfish. What a “catch”y name right? So before we start treading into deep water for this review, we do have one warning. The fish itself is pretty good, but don’t expect it to taste like you are on the coast of Boston Harbor or the San Francisco Bay. It just tastes like deep fried fish, and frankly a little too deep fried. If it weren’t for their amazingly awesome sauce then It might just taste like oil. Basically all the flavor is in the sauce, which isn’t bad, but we like to think of sauce as an enhancer to flavor rather than a mask. In short, make sure you ask for extra sauce.

The feel of the restaurant is pretty sick. We thought it was well designed and had a great atmosphere. It was bump’n with people too, which always makes for a good eating environment. Even the menu is on a wooden board which totally speaks to the mariner within us all.  

The service was good and our food didn’t take long to arrive. I ordered something called The Dagwood, which was basically just fish and chips on a bun with coleslaw and their awesome sauce.

And here is a picture.


Taylor got the Lobster Taquitos featured below.


The same review about flavor above applies to both of our orders. Other things we noticed were that they really do have great presentation, good textures, and are creative! It is a little pricey though. We spent just under $20 for our food. So if you are a poor college student like we are, then don’t make a habit of eating out here.

Last but not least is the soda! Boy oh boy do they have good soda. It’s all made with real cane sugar. None of that processed junk in other sodas. We loved it so much that if we come back it will probably just be for the soda:)

So go ahead and give it a try! And let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions of other places we should try! Happy Fishing!

Love, Kyle and Taylor

P.S. DO NOT GO DURING RUSH HOUR. Utah rush hour + Utah driving = death. Seriously. Don’t try and use your phone to get there either. Mine tried to tell me to turn on a street that wasn’t even finished yet. Just go on I-15 towards Lehi until the Timp Highway exit by the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, take a right and then take your first right on Digital Ave. You’ll see it in the retail development just east of the Utah Community Credit Union building.