Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch!

Last Saturday we took our little nugget to his first pumpkin patch! The entire week leading up to this day included the most gorgeous 80 degree weather. Of course the day we wanted to be perfect weather ended up being 100 degrees! To make matters a little more interesting, I didn’t even check the weather.Continue reading “Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch!”

DIY Sandbox under $20

What do you do to entertain a 16 month old when you are 29 weeks pregnant, live on the second floor of an apartment complex, and don’t have a park close by? Well if you are us, you build a sandbox! We have a little porch on the back of our condo that looks outContinue reading “DIY Sandbox under $20”

Fall Menu: Fry Bread

Every Halloween growing up, my cul-de-sac would gather in the middle of the street and eat chili and fry bread before the kids went out trick or treating. Every time I eat fry bread now, I am reminded of those sweet memories. Fry Bread, to me, screams fall. So of course, I put it onContinue reading “Fall Menu: Fry Bread”

How One Simple Decision Can Change Your Life: Part 2

Hi all! You know from reading our last post that we can choose to be happy, positive, and grateful regardless of our outside circumstances. Doing this will have an incredible impact on many aspects of our everyday lives. It will boost our performance at work, in school, in our relationships, and even strengthen our immuneContinue reading “How One Simple Decision Can Change Your Life: Part 2”

How One Simple Decision Can Change Your Life: Part one of a two-part series on happiness.

*note: nothing in this post was sponsored or endorsed in any way. We simply wanted to share things that we believe to be beneficial. Hey everyone! Yes that’s Taco Bell above…SO GOOD! Anyway, Thanks for stopping by today. We are glad you did and feel that this post and its partner post will really helpContinue reading “How One Simple Decision Can Change Your Life: Part one of a two-part series on happiness.”

Dough Co Review

Have you seen those videos on Facebook of the New York cookie dough scoop shop!? It looks INCREDIBLE & has us drooling for days! Our torment was over when we realized a similar scoop shop opened just 45 minutes away from our house!  So we do what an sugar-a-holic would do. WE JUMPED IN THEContinue reading “Dough Co Review”