Favorite General Conference talks

It’s that glorious time again! Conference weekend! And what makes this year even more sacred is that it falls on the Saturday before and the Sunday of Easter. If you have never heard of General Conference, it is simply where the leaders of the LDS church gather for four different meetings (2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) and speak about building faith and testify of Christ. Saints from all over can gather in Salt Lake City, Utah to watch them speak live or watch from home as it is broadcasted live all over the world, in hundreds of different languages. These meetings only happen every 6 months! Kyle and I were sitting in a Brigham Young University marketing class yesterday and the professor mentioned that General Conference was like the “Mormon Superbowl!” I couldn’t help but laugh! It’s so true!

I love Conference weekend because it helps me to reflect on my own faith and testimony. I always feel the Spirit so strong during these weekends and come away feeling closer to my Savior and Father in Heaven. Usually before Conference I will write down a few questions, concerns, or just things that have been weighing heavy on me. I like to do this because it helps me tune in more to the answers to my questions. While I am still doing that this year, I wanted to do something more to prepare for Conference. Kyle and I have been going back through our favorite Conference addresses from past years and re-reading them. We compiled a list of what we have been reading and thought we would share them! I also should add that their are so many amazing talks that have been given, these are just the first to come to my mind.

I hope that as you read these talks that you feel of the Spirit and feel more prepared to hear the messages of General Conference!

1. Plea to My Sisters

by President Russell M. Nelson


I love his address of the power of covenant keeping women. This one touches close to home for me because I am in fact a woman striving to keep her covenants everyday. I love the way he describes woman and their sacred role. It is so empowering and makes me want to be better and fulfill my purpose and divine destiny. I also love the way he talks about his beloved, late wife.

2. The First Great Commandment

by Elder Jeffery R Holland


Although I don’t remember how I felt or what I was doing when this talk was being spoken, This talk changed my life as a missionary. I am surprised my companions did not get sick of me listening to this every. single. morning!! I was obsessed with it! And still am. In fact, I am pretty sure that I could quote this entire talk word for word.

I love the bluntness of it. “If you love me, keep my commandments.” I love the perspective and the context. Before listening to this, I never thought about what it must have been like to be those first Apostles. I love how it makes me reflect on my commitment to Christ and how I show him that I do love Him.

3. Grateful in Any Circumstance

by Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf


“Gratitude is the catalyst for all other Christ-like attributes”

This is one of my very most favorite quotes and it comes right from this talk! I am a big believer that attitude can change anything and EVERYTHING. This talk really connected the dots, for me, about just how much gratitude can change and affect your attitude. Gratitude has never had more meaning and substance to me until I was touched by this talk. Gratitude is everything! It really does bring us closer to Christ and helps us to become more like him.

4. Has the Day of Miracles Ceased

by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom


This talk comes from the most recent General Conference. This was one of those talks that immediately caught my attention while I was watching. He talks about miracles, of course, but more about our own faith and trust in God. I think it is so easy to get caught up in seeking our own will over God’s will for us. Elder Hallstrom poses the question, “Do we have the faith NOT to be healed?” and “Where do we place our faith?” I think those are such powerful reflection question.


Kyle & Taylor

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